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Primer Paint Can

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Car primer is one of the most important aspects in car repair. Whether you’re spraying car paint or performing spot repair, you will need to use primer paint at some point. Auto primer generally refers to a paint layer that’s usually applied to freshly sanded or bare metal surfaces.

The importance of primer paint

Just like car spray paint, primer paint can be applied with a paint spray gun. Some people underestimate the importance of using car primer during car repair. Without auto primer as a buffer, car paint will lead to flaking, peeling and eventually rust. Primer paint is important for a number of reasons 

  • Good filling power
  • Helps car spray paint to adhere on bare metal
  • Some are anti corrosive and prevent rust (epoxy)

2K primer paint can

2 component paint primers need to be mixed with a paint hardener, catalyst or paint activator. Once it hardens, it is much less susceptible to damages.

What is the mixing ratio of 2K primer?

  • It is important to use the correct paint mixing ratio. 2K auto primer requires a catalyst in order for the car paint to harden. Without a paint hardener, you will have a tacky finish that will never fully dry. A 2K car primer has a mixing ratio of 2:1. This means that 2 liters of primer, requires 1 liter of catalyst.

Which spray nozzle do I need?

Like car paint, primers can be too thick to spray. Sometimes it's necessary to slightly thin a car primer to get good results. Some auto primers are ready to spray. We recommend using at least 1.7mm spray nozzle for auto primer. However, this also depends on the amount of paint thinner used. Car primer is considerably thicker than base coat and clear coat. In case you don't use any paint thinner, we recommend a 2.5mm spray nozzle. 

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