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Small Sanders

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Small Sanders

Mini sanders can be used for sanding small surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. A small ergonomic sander has a compact size and is lightweight. This makes a mini sander ideal for sanding small objects or places where a regular sander is too large and heavy. CROP stocks an extensive range of different types of mini sanders from well-known brands such as RUPES, MIRKA, FLEX, 3M and FINIXA. 

Mini sander for hard-to-reach areas

When purchasing a small sander, picking the right one can often be tricky with all the variations available. Palm sanders are probably the cheapest option. They are not the best option for removing a large amount of material on a large surface, but they are great at reaching into hard-to-reach areas such as with furniture restorations.

Different types of sanders

There are different types of small sanders available. The type of small sander you will need for sanding depends on your personal preference. Do you prefer a delta sander with a triangle sanding pad, a mini sander with a small round disc or a mini sander with a small square pad? There is a small sander for every application. The different types are

  • Detail sander
  • Sheet sander
  • Orbital sander

Detail Sanders

Corner sanders are ideal for pre-sanding and rough sanding larger areas. Thanks to the triangle sanding pad and its handy size, a mouse sander is ideal for sanding corners, edges and hard-to-reach surfaces. 

Sheet Sanders

Sheet sanders are best used for providing that finishing touch. The final preparation step before spraying paint, lacquer or whatever else.

Orbital Sanders

Random orbital sanders are comfortable to grip and easy to use. An orbital sander spins the sanding pad in two ways. The sanding pad rotates in a large circle, but it also oscillates in several small circles within the larger circle. An orbital sanding machine is a popular tool because it doesn't leave swirl marks.

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