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RUPES sanders

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RUPES Sanders

CROP stocks the largest selection of RUPES Sanders. RUPES has been the brand with the best polishing machines for many years. The random orbital sanding machines can be safely used on any surface. RUPES LE-LS-LC mini sander series and the GREENTECH filter unit developed by RUPES, have been awarded the TNO certification. TNO certifies that the tools create the minimum dust dispersion during sanding up to eight hours. RUPES has increased the level of safety and environmental respect.

RUPES Delta Sander

RUPES corner sanders are ideal for pre-sanding and rough sanding larger areas. Thanks to the triangle sanding pad and its handy size, a mouse sander is ideal for sanding corners, edges and hard-to-reach surfaces. The powerful portable sanders with a triangular sanding area perform well primarily thanks to their perfectly designed ergonomics. Triangle sanders can be used for door frames, window frames, furniture, fences and railing. These sanders allow for precise working, while also providing considerable durability and absolute robustness.

  • RUPES LS71T delta without speed controller
  • RUPES LS71TE delta with speed controller

RUPES Orbital Sanders

Random orbital sanders are comfortable to grip and easy to use. An orbital sander spins the sanding pad in two ways. The sanding pad rotates in a large circle, but it also oscillates in several small circles within the larger circle. An orbital sanding machine is a popular tool because it doesn't leave swirl marks. The round sanding pads are true all-rounders and ideal for rough, fine and final sanding. RUPES orbital sanders are available with a 3mm and 6mm orbit. Due to the round 125mm and 150mm velcro sanding pad, any velcro sanding disc can be attached. Discover RUPES random orbital sanders

  • RUPES Skorpio E - electric
  • RUPES Skorpio 3 - pneumatic
  • RUPES ER153
  • RUPES ER155
  • RUPES ER03
  • RUPES ER05
  • RUPES LR71
  • RUPES RA75
  • RUPES BR109
  • RUPES BR112
  • RUPES EK200
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