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  1. HAMACH HD98 Excentrische Schuurmachine 150mm
    HAMACH HD98 Eccentric Sander - 150mm
    €214.92 €177.62 Retail price €272.25
  2. HAMACH HD75 Schuurmachine en Poetsmachine 75mm SPOTREPAIR met stofafzuiging
    HAMACH HD75 Spot Repair Sander and Polisher with Dust Extraction - 75mm
    €248.06 €205.01 Retail price €314.60
  3. HAMACH HD983 Excentrische Schuurmachine 150mm 2,4mm
    HAMACH HD983 Eccentric Sander - 150mm, 2.4mm
    €214.92 €177.62 Retail price €272.25 As low as €171.94
  4. HAMACH DS30 Vibrerende schuurmachine 30mm
    HAMACH DS30 Vibrating Sander - 30mm
    €272.40 €225.12 Retail price €333.96
  5. HAMACH VH914V Delta electrische schuurmachine met stofafzuiging
    HAMACH VH914V DELTA Electric Sander with Dust Extraction
    €192.39 €159.00 Retail price €277.09
  6. HAMACH DS40 Pneumatische schuurmachine 30mm
    HAMACH DS40 Pneumatic Sander - 30mm
    €230.72 €190.68 Retail price €283.14
  7. HAMACH DS70 pneumatische excentrische schuurmachine 70mm
    HAMACH DS70 Pneumatic, Eccentric Sander - 70mm
    €235.80 €194.88 Retail price €290.40
  8. HAMACH EHP300VD Excentrische schuurmachine 200mm
    HAMACH EHP300VD Eccentric Sander - 200mm
    €423.50 €350.00 Retail price €538.45
  9. HAMACH EHP165V Excentrische schuurmachine 150mm
    HAMACH EHP165V Eccentric Sander - 150mm
    €375.10 €310.00 Retail price €477.95
  10. HAMACH EHP163V Excentrische schuurmachine 150mm
    HAMACH EHP163V Eccentric Sander - 150mm
    €375.10 €310.00 Retail price €477.95
  11. HAMACH PHP300VD Planetaire Schuurmachine 200mm
    HAMACH PHP300VD Planetary Sander - 200mm
    €387.20 €320.00 Retail price €538.45
  12. Hamach PHP165VD Planetaire Schuurmachine 150mm
    HAMACH PHP165VD Planetary Sander - 150mm
    €381.15 €315.00 Retail price €538.45
  13. HAMACH Alpha Series Schuurmachine 150mm *Powered by Hutchins*
    HAMACH Alpha Series Sander 150mm *Powered by Hutchins*
    €303.71 €251.00 Retail price €381.15
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13 Items

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HAMACH Sanders

HAMACH sanders are powerful machines for sanding. HAMACH has a wide range of pneumatic and electric sanders. All sanding machines have an ergonomic design for comfortable and vibration-free sanding, a strong motor and extractor. Discover our variety of powerful pneumatic and electric sanding machines.

HAMACH Electric Sander

HAMACH electric sander can be used wherever electricity is available. The power sander has a long power cable for enough freedom of movement. Electric sanders can be useful for dust collection after sanding is done. HAMACH power sander is available with a triangle delta sanding pad or a square sanding pad.

  • HAMACH VH914 Detail Sander
  • HAMACH VH77 Orbital Sander

HAMACH Pneumatic Sander

Compressed air sanders are precise tools for perfect work results. Air sanders are distinguished by their minimal weight which allows users to work on the workpiece without tiring. Since there is no motor, it is quieter and longer lasting. Pneumatic sanders require an air compressor to run. When it comes to the lifespan, there is less component inside an air sander to fail. Discover the following pneumatic HAMACH sanders

  • HAMACH HD98 Orbital Sander
  • HAMACH PHP Pneumatic Planetary Sander
  • HAMACH EHP Sander
  • HAMACH DS Random Orbital Sander

HAMACH Detail Sander

HAMACH corner sanders are ideal for pre-sanding and rough sanding larger areas. Thanks to the triangle sanding pad and its handy size, a mouse sander is ideal for sanding corners, edges and hard-to-reach surfaces. The powerful portable sanders with a triangular sanding area perform well primarily thanks to their perfectly designed ergonomics. Triangle sanders can be used for door frames, window frames, furniture, fences and railing. These sanders allow for precise working, while also providing considerable durability and absolute robustness.

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