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  1. FLEX BBE 14-3 110 Satineermachine 1400 Watt in Systainer
    FLEX BBE 14-3 110 Satinator 1400 Watt in Systainer
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    €683.86 €565.17 Retail price €804.54
  2. FLEX BBE 14-3 110 SET Satineermachine 1400 Watt in Systainer + Borstels
    FLEX BBE 14-3 110 SET Satinator 1400 Watt in Systainer + Sanding Brushes
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    €852.64 €704.66 Retail price €1,003.10
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Satinator are used to sand wood or satin stainless steel and metal. On a satinizer, you place a lamellar sanding brush, nylon brush or steel wire brush. Because of this, a satinizer is also called a brush machine. Satiners are ideally suited for flat sanding wood such as doors, stair treads, window frames, furniture and more....

Brushing machine

Brush machine is a professional satin machine on which you can place sanding brushes. Brush machines have a very powerful motor and have the option of dust extraction to extract dust during wood sanding. Many times a brush machine is used professionally in different industries and sectors.

Which sanding roller to use on satinizer?

Which sanding roller to use on the satin machine depends on the material you want to sand. For example, you need a specific brush if you want to sand wood, and a specific sanding brush for paint, rust, aluminum, stainless steel and stain. Use the sanding ladder below for your brush machine.

  • Sanding wood? Use a louvre sanding roller
  • Sand lacquer, rust or concrete? Use a wire brush
  • Sanding old wood furniture or floors? Use a copper abrasive roller
  • Sanding aluminum or stainless steel? Use a nylon abrasive brush
  • Sanding stain and varnish? Use a fiber abrasive brush

Sanding wood

Sanding wood with a satinizer? Then use the brush machine with a louvered sanding roller! Sanding wood with a satinizer makes the surface completely smooth and sleek. Thanks to the strong motor, power, high speed and sanding roller, you can use the satinizer to sand wood completely flat. Ideal if you need to sand wooden doors, window frames or stair treads before painting or painting.

FLEX satinizer

FLEX satinizer is a professional brush machine with dust extraction and microprocessor that provides constant speed, soft start and restart protection after power failure. The FLEX satinizer is suitable for all sanding brushes and sanding rollers. Thanks to the unique spindle lock you easily attach the sanding roller to the satinizer!

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