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Belt Sanders

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Belt Sanders

Belt sanders are also known as strip sanders. Belt sanders are used to shape and sand wood, aluminium and other materials. Suited to flat surfaces, designed to move easily over the surface and ideal for quickly sanding large surfaces. In addition, there are also file or finger sanders sanders available with a long and thin abrasive belt for sanding hard-to-reach places. With the right abrasive belt, excellent fine sanding can be achieved with little finishing work required.

What are Strip Sanders used for?

Belt sanders are great power tools that will remove excess material, strip paint and more. They can be used for a variety of jobs and can make your projects easier and faster to complete. Belt sanders are meant to be used on large and flat surfaces. When using the right grit sandpaper, belt sanding machines can refinish wood or metal cabinets, tables and floors effectively. Belt sanders are powerful and can really tear through tough materials and layers of varnish and paint but aren’t always the best choice for delicate finishing work.

Sanding Wood

Large belt sanders are often available in workshops for sanding wood surfaces. In contrast to orbital and eccentric disc sanders, a belt sander won't cause visible rings on the surface. Worktops, doors or plates can be sanded quickly and safely.

Belt Sander vs Orbital Sander

Altough they are both power tools that use sandpaper to smooth and shape wood, belt sanders and orbital sanders are pretty different tools. Belt sanders are built for aggressive work and intended to remove a whole lot of material in a hurry. Works best on large surfaces and can strip off wood and coating materials like paint. In contrast, get finesse with a random orbital sander. An orbital sander permits you great flexibility in where you apply your sanding head.

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