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Sheet Sanders

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Sheet Sanders

Sheet sanders are best used for providing that finishing touch. The final preparation step before spraying paint, lacquer or whatever else. A sheet sander uses square pieces of sand paper simply held in place with the wire clip and the front and back, some contain a dust collection bag. Sheet sanding machines are best used for light sanding on flat surfaces and are ideal for sanding into square corners.

Pro's Sheet Sanders

  • Affordable
  • Ideal for corners and up to edges
  • Excellent for light sanding on flat surfaces
  • Sandpaper is cheap

Con's Sheet Sanders

  • Doesn't remove a large amount of material quickly (less powerful)
  • Can leave swirl marks on wood if used incorrectly
  • Not a wide range of use

Palm Sander

The sheet sander, also known as a palm sander, a quarter sheet sander or pad sander vibrates in tiny circles or orbits to produce a sanding action. Sheet sanders excel at getting into corners and edges. The sheet sander is primarily used for light to moderate duty sanding tasks. These tasks include sanding between coats of finish, final smoothing of the wood surface, and smoothing of curved surfaces that are difficult to sand with larger, more powerful sanding tools.

Sheet Sander vs Orbital Sander

Sheet sanders are less powerful than random orbital sanders. Sheet sanders have a square sanding pad with a clamp device to hold the sandpaper in place. Because of the shape of the pad, you can get into tight corners. Random orbital sanders use circular pads which makes it impossible to get into hard-to-reach places. However, random orbital sanders are great for wide open spaces. Sheet sanding machines move in a simple back and forth motion and can leave noticeable swirl marks on the material. The biggest advantage of sheet sanders over orbital sanders is their cost. They're less expensive.

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