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Epoxy & Polyester Resins

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  1. MoTip 2K Polyester Resin + Hardener
    MoTip 2K Polyester Resin + Hardener
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    €13.30 €10.99 Retail price €16.09
  2. PRESTO Polyester and Fiberglass Repairset
    PRESTO Polyester and Fiberglass Repairset
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    €13.35 €11.03 Retail price €20.05
  3. PRESTO Polyester Epoxy Resin - 1000 gram
    PRESTO Polyester Epoxy Resin
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    €25.28 €20.89
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Epoxy Resin

Polyester epoxy resin is often used in combination with a fibreglass mat. Forms stronger bonds when it comes to gluing two pieces together and has better adhesive properties with surfaces like wood, metal or concrete. If the repair is critical or structural, an epoxy resin should be considered. If you are repairing an epoxy product, then epoxy should be used for the repair (polyester will perform poorly in this case). Epoxy resin is suitable for sealing holes in

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Concrete
  • Polyester
  • Wood

Epoxy resin is an elastic resin resistant to chemicals, gasoline and heavy weather conditions.

Epoxy Resin for Wood

Epoxy resin or resin is a two-component material which cures within a few hours of the components being mixed together then can be cut, grinded, and polished. In contrast to polyester and polyurethane resins, resin epoxy shrinks considerably less during curing. All other products could come off of wood in a few hours or days and as a result are not appropriate to use. There are products for different areas of application, and it is important to choose the correct product. Epoxy resin is suitable for sealing wood as well as waterproofing it.

Polyester Resin for Cracks and Holes

Polyester resins have a strong chemical bonding with other polyester parts and most thermoset plastics. It can also adhere to wood and some metals (ensure metal is scored before applying resin). It is important to note that polyester resins contain styrene that could dissolve polystyrene material and polypropylene.

Fibreglass Matt

Fiberglass mats are essential when repairing (large) holes. Fibreglass can come in the form of chopped strand mat, surface tissue and woven roving fabric. Fiberglass matts serve as reinforcing material. If you are using fibreglass mat with epoxy, make sure it is powder bound, there is no constraint using polyester or epoxy for other reinforcement materials. Always ensure that the correct amount of resin is applied to the fiberglass mat roll.

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