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Windshield Adhesives

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Auto Glass Repair

Glass adhesives can be used to bond windscreens, side and rear windows. Urethane windshield adhesive is a range of one component polyurethane glass adhesives designed to cure quickly and allow a fast drive away time. The latter is extremely important as if the glass adhesive and window sealant bond happened to fail, then it could reduce the efficiency of airbags while compromising the integrity of the roof of the car and thus, putting you in harm’s way. Designed for windshield bonding and stationary glass attachment. 

Windshield replacement

One of the most common and dangerous mistakes that people make while replacing a windshield is using the wrong type of window adhesive. Bathtub caulking or silicone have to be avoided completely! It is very important to utilize strong glass adhesives and window sealants to hold auto glass in place. The windshield replacement products that are used to produce auto glass repair are

  • Polyurethane
  • (Modified) silicon
  • Butyl
  • Acrylic

Difference between glass adhesive and windscreen sealer

Auto glass replacement can be done by using a glass adhesive or window sealant. Windshield glue is used to bind two different bodies together. In contrast, glass sealants have chemicals that form a hard and waterproof coating that fills gaps and prevent the entry of water. The most important differences are

  • (Poly)urethane is 90 times stronger than silicone
  • Unlike urethane, has better prolongation and it gets softened by high temperature & humidity

Advantages of urethane

During auto glass replacement, a car accident or collision, urethane prevents the windshield from coming off its frame. Urethane is used for long-term durability and to prevent the roof from caving in, when the vehicle rolls over. Windshield adhesives are exposed to cold, rain, humidity, heat and salt air for years to verify long-term strength. We offer various brands for car window repair; 3M, SIKA and Colad.

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