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Polymer Adhesives

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High Strength MS Polymer

MS Polymer Sealants are the next generation of glues and adhesives. Unlike their counterparts, these products adhere well to most substrates without the use of specific primers. By using these products you can reduce the risk of application mistakes. MS Polymer can be used in a huge number of applications where it's versatility adds real value. 

Advantages MS Polymer Adhesive

MS polymer adhesives combine the best features of both polyurethane and silicone. MS polymer sealants contain user friendly formulations that can be used without concerns of handling. MS caulks maximises the benefits of the technology giving enhanced adhesion to a wide range of materials with stronger bonds and faster cure cycles enabling speedier work turn around. MS polymer glue is

  • Permanent elastic
  • Paintable with waterborne and 2K car paint

Different colours MS Polymer Glue

Caulks are available in different colours

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black

Differences between Polymer and Solvent Based Adhesives

Polymer and solvent based adhesives harden by drying in order to create a bond, also often called emulsion adhesives. A polymer adhesive is a milky white coloured mixture that is based on polyvinyl acetate (PVA). Solvent based adhesives are considered suitable for a broad range of uses as well, but not all. Like polymer based adhesives, solvent based adhesives are known to contain solvents, which is a concern for some people. 


We offer a wide range of high quality caulkguns for an easy application of all our caulks in cartridge packaging. Our caulking guns are easy to clean, have a simple connection and ergonomic handle.

Paintable caulk

Our caulks are paintable with most water and solved based car paints. Caulk should never replace tight-fitting joints, but it should be used to make paint-grade projects look seamless and to block air and moisture from going where they’re not supposed to.

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