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Caulk Guns & Mixing Tips

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Supplies for Adhesives, Seam Sealers & Resins

In addition to adhesives, sealants, epoxy resins and seam sealers, we also sell

  • Caulk Guns/Sealant Guns
  • Epoxy Guns
  • Mixing Tips
  • Reinforcement Films
  • (VOC) Windscreen Primers
  • Fibreglass Matts
  • Sealant Guns
  • Adhesive Syringe Guns

These products can be used in combination with 2K adhesives, sealants and resins. 

Caulk Guns

Sealant guns are designed to help you apply a smooth even line or used to fill in gaps. The solid and robust frame holds the tube firmly whilst allowing for easy loading. Also known as a caulk gun or mastic applicator, they fit the most popular sized cartridges, with heavy duty guns holding the larger cartridges. 

Epoxy Guns

Epoxy guns provide a precise and efficient way to distribute adhesives, each gun is designed to be used multiple times and allows the user to professionally apply epoxy for bonding materials such as steel, glass and various plastics. Some models are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue from constant pressing and beneficial for hard to reach areas.

Mixing Tips

Adhesive mixing tips can be used for 1K glue adhesives. They offer a perfect blend and exact application.

Reinforcement Films

Reinforcement film helps shaping and strengthen a damaged area of cracks and holes. Achieves a strong and smooth surface.

Windscreen Primers

Windscreen primers is a single step low VOC primer designed to prime surface in order to improve the adhesion of polyurethane sealants onto glass that has been treated with a ceramic silk screen printing. The application is common in the automotive industry.

Fibreglass Matt

Fiberglass mats are essential when repairing (large) holes. Fibreglass can come in the form of chopped strand mat, surface tissue and woven roving fabric. Fiberglass matts serve as reinforcing material. If you are using fibreglass mat with epoxy, make sure it is powder bound, there is no constraint using polyester or epoxy for other reinforcement materials. Always ensure that the correct amount of resin is applied to the fiberglass mat roll.

Adhesive Syringe Guns

Adhesive syringe guns are tools used to join materials and parts together with molten adhesive. Bars of solid adhesive or glue sticks are placed at the back of the gun.

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