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3M spray adhesive

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3M spray adhesive

3M spray adhesive is OEM used as a spray adhesive for bonding car roof and headliner, dashboard trim, foot mats and other fabrics, leather, vinyl or alcantara. Car manufacturers use the 3M spray adhesive to repair and invisibly restore original loose car upholstery. Because the adhesive comes in spray can, the 3M spray adhesive can be used easily and by anyone. At CROP, you can buy any 3M spray adhesive spray.

Types of 3M glue spray

3M glue spray comes in different types for various applications. Each 3M glue spray comes in a 500ml spray can and features a high-quality nozzle to spray the glue accurately and tightly. 3M glue spray can be purchased in the aerosol cans below:

  • 3M 08080
  • 3M 08090
  • 3M 77 Super Adhesive

3M 08080 glue spray

3M 08080 glue spray is a universal spray adhesive for bonding anything. The spray can 3M 08080 contains a fast-drying glue and has a nice atomization while spraying the glue. Because of its versatility, the 3M 08080 spray adhesive is a spray adhesive most commonly used by the OEM automotive industry, auto manufacturers, bodyshops, bodyshops and do-it-yourselfers.

3M 08090 spray adhesive

3M 08090 spray adhesive is a spray adhesive with the highest adhesive strength. In addition, the 3M 08090 spray adhesive contains an adhesive that can withstand high temperatures and heat. Because this spray adhesive is heat resistant, it is ideally suited as a spray adhesive for the engine compartment and space. Consider gluing and extra reinforcement of anti-drum panels or bitumen sheets that dampen noise and vibrations.

3M 77 Super Adhesive Adhesive Spray

3M Super 77 Adhesive Spray is the spray adhesive that can be used for bonding lightweight materials. The 3M Super 77 adhesive spray adheres quickly, dries quickly and does not lose its adhesive strength! Thanks to the special nozzle, you have little trouble with spray mist or overspray.

3M spray adhesive for car upholstery

3M spray adhesive is designed to reattach loosening car upholstery. Loose upholstery in the car can be reattached powerfully and long-lastingly with 3M's spray adhesive. Thanks to the fast-drying adhesive and strong adhesive strength, anyone can repair and re-glue their loose car upholstery by themselves.

Buy 3M glue spray or spray adhesive?

Do you want to buy the 3M glue spray or spray adhesive? At Nonpaints.com, choose from all 3M glue spray adhesives. Every 3M glue spray is delivered directly from stock. Order your 3M spray adhesive before 10 p.m. and receive it the next day!

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