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2K Adhesives

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Strong adhesives for automotive

Welding and soldering are not the only bonding methods around anymore: Adhesion is a safe and fast method. Two part adhesives bond a wide array of automotive assemblies, including windshields, brakes, wire harnesses and exterior trim. We offer professional automotive glue adhesives of brands such as 3M, Colad, Loctite, Finixa and Sika.

Two Part Epoxy Metal Adhesive

2 part epoxy adhesives range in performance from rigid to flexible, including some toughened formulations designed for fatigue resistance. Like one part epoxy adhesives, they are resistant to extremes of heat, cold, humidity, many solvents and other conditions. Two part epoxy glue can be used to bond

  • Steel, aluminium, zinc and other metal alloys
  • Composites such as GRP, FRP and carbon fibre
  • Magnets and ferrites
  • Most plastics
  • Wood, laminate, concrete, stone and glass

Plastic Adhesive

Plastic adhesives are specially formulated to bond many low surface energy plastics, including many grades of polypropylene, polyethylene, and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) without special surface preparation. Resists many chemicals, water, humidity and corrosion. After using a 2K plastic glue, it can be painted with all types of car paint. You can easily paint the repair in the car's colour, performing an invisible repair. 

Pot Life of Two Part Adhesives

A 2 part adhesive basically has a long shelf life. The 2 components are separated from each other and stay good for a long time. We recommend that you keep 2 part glue dry and at room temperature at all times. Extreme heat or cold can affect the quality and properties of two part glue.

Mixing Tips for Two Part Adhesives

Looking for disposable adhesive mixing tips that can be used with two part adhesives? In addition to 2 component adhesives, we also sell disposable mixing tips. Adhesive mixing tips can be used for 2K glue adhesives. They offer a perfect blend and exact application.


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