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Chrome Paint

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Mirror Chrome Paint

Chrome spray paint is also known for its mirror-like finish. Chrome effect imitates a chrome plating and is very unique. Chrome car paint is less expensive compared to other special effect car paints, it imitates a mirror-like finish and is very easy to spray.

How Do I Use Chrome Spray Paint?

Most commonly, chrome painting requires a black primer. The quality of the chrome finish will depend of its glossiness, its dry time and the hardness of the basecoat. Directions for use

  1. Make sure the surface is degreased.
  2. No existing spray paint? Then a (black) primer is necessary.
  3. Shake the spray can chrome paint well so all pigments are properly mixed together.
  4. When spraying the chrome paint, make sure to do this in a dust-free environment.
  5. The spray booth should be at room temperature.
  6. First spray a thin layer of mist, followed by 3 to 4 full layers of chrome paint.
  7. Let the chrome paint dry
  8. Topcoat (clear coat) is optionel and to determine according use. Any type of topcoat is fine. Precautions to be taken with solvent-based clearcoats. Topcoating is not mandatory and intended only for pieces that are subject to abrasion and to outdoors conditions such as rain. For objects meant indoors, non subject to repeated friction and contacts, we don’t recommend to topcoat: without clear-coat, the chrome aspect is at its best.

VHT Chrome Plate Finish

VHT Plate Finish is a unique quick-drying formulation specifically created for application on metal, glass, and wood or sealed plaster surfaces. This non-tarnishing epoxy finish has outstanding brilliance and corrosion resistance. VHT Plate Finish is easy to use and dries in minutes. Excellent for touch-up, refinishing and decorative.

Benefits of Chrome Spray Paint

  • Multipurpose product, shiny chrome paint can be used on different surfaces
  • The best chrome spray paint protects metal surfaces against scratches and chips
  • Beautiful finish
  • Easy to use


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