Mazda 41V Soul Red Metallic Pearl spray paint

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Mazda 41V Soul Red Metallic Pearl spray paint
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Product information

Mazda 41V Soul Red Metallic Pearl spray paint

Mazda 41V Soul Red Metallic spray paint contains professional lacquer with red pearl effect. This pearlescent metallic paint red from Mazda is filled in a professional spray can that guarantees a tight atomization of the red paint with pearlescent effect. The set consists of 2 sprays, namely a spray can with a special pre-color for the red metallic pearlescent paint and a spray can of pearlescent paint in the color red itself.

Red paint with pearl effect

Looking for a professional paint in the color red with pearl in it? This red pearlescent paint is a high-quality, hard-wearing and well-covering paint with pearlescent effect. In this red metallic lacquer there is a beautiful pearl glitter effect that creates a bright, beautiful and luxurious look!

How to spray red metallic pearl car paint?

Mazda 41V pearl red metallic car paint is a 3 coat system that can be sprayed by anyone. To spray a red pearlescent paint yourself, you need to know the right steps to get a good, clean and professional result. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to spray pearlescent red car paint.

  1. Clean the surface you want to spray with a professional degreaser.
  2. Lightly sand the surface so that good adhesion can take place.
  3. Again, degrease the surface well so that all the sanding dust, dirt, grease and dust is gone.
  4. Shake the spray can well before use and make sure both the room and surface are at room temperature.
  5. First spray the pre-color for the red pearlescent paint.
  6. Spray the paint in an initial thin mist coat, followed by 2 full coats until the desired coverage is achieved.
  7. Let the pre-color dry until it is dust dry. Do not sand the paint!
  8. Shake the second spray can of pearlescent paint well before use.
  9. Spray the pearlescent paint again in a first thin spray coat, followed by 2 full coats. If desired, you can finish with an additional thin spray coat.
  10. Let this lacquer also dry well until it is dust dry.
  11. Spray the pearlescent lacquer white with 2K clear coat for maximum protection.
  12. Let the clear coat cure completely for 24 hours in a room that is clean and dust-free!

How is this lacquer supplied?

This set consists of 2 professional sprays that are specially matched. The 2 sprays are filled with professional automotive paint in a special High Pressure spray can. With this you are able to spray the red metallic pearlescent paint professionally and tightly yourself, without the need for a paint sprayer! When you buy this set you will receive the following sprays.

  • Pre-color for red metallic pearlescent paint
  • Mazda 41V Soul Red pearlescent metallic paint

Do I need a primer?

A primer is only necessary when the surface is untreated. If the paint is already in good condition, then a primer is not necessary and just light sanding is sufficient. Is the old paint layer peeling off the surface or is the substrate completely bare? Then it is necessary to spray a primer that ensures the adhesion of the white pearl lacquer. Which primer you need? Check out our overview below.

  • Plastic or plastics: plastic primer
  • Metal or iron: 2K epoxy primer
  • Aluminium: 1K or 2K epoxy primer
  • Galvanized steel: 2K epoxy primer
  • Stainless steel: 1K filler primer

Spray the pearlescent paint red with clear coat

Did you spray the pearlescent paint red opaque and are you satisfied with the result? Then you need to spray the pearlescent paint white with a clear coat. 2K clear coat is a protective coating that protects the mother-of-pearl red color from scratches, impacts, weather, gasoline and other outside influences. In addition, a 2-component clearcoat also ensures that the color will not yellow or weather.

Features of the Mazda 41V Soul Red Metallic spray can

  • With professional paint from MIPA
  • Color: Mazda 41V Soul Red Metallic
  • High opaque paint
  • Professional quality paint (acrylic)
  • Fast drying
  • Should be sprayed with a clear coat
Full product information


Paint component 1K (1-component)
Brand CROP
Contents 2x 400ml
Packaging per set (2 aerosols)
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