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Camouflage Paint

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  1. 2K Camouflage Paint in Aerosol 400ml
    2K Camouflage Paint in Aerosol 400ml
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    €23.90 €19.75 Retail price €38.72
  2. 2K Autolak in blik - in iedere gewenste kleur - PU lak
    MIPA 2K Car Paint in every color
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    €18.76 €15.50 Retail price €31.46
  3. MIPA Synthetische Kunstharslak - in iedere gewenste kleur
    MIPA 1K Synthetic Resin Opaque Lacquer
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    €19.38 €16.02 Retail price €32.67
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Army Paint in Spray Can

Anti-reflective camo paint used as well to military camouflage, as to renovate military equipment. Camouflage paints are available in the 7 army colors. These 400ml spray paints are quick drying, can be used for helmets, equipment, vehicles and much more. They can also be used in conjunction with other military colours to create a camo finish.

7 camouflage colors

There are different camouflage colors for a jungle finish. The most common army colors are brown, green, black, anthracite beige and gray. They are quick drying and easy to apply.

  • Beige (RAL1001)
  • Grey Olive Green (RAL6006)
  • Yellow Olive Green (RAL6014)
  • Bronze green (RAL6031)
  • Leather brown (RAL8027)
  • Tar black (RAL9002)
  • Grey

MoTip Camouflage Spray Paint

Camo paint to treat surfaces, treated and untreated, of wood, metal, aluminium, glass, stone, textile and various types of plastic. MoTip camouflage spray paint is available in 6 army colors. It is a non-reflective paint and is ideal for use on sporting equipment, wildlife photography hides / equipment, military models or anywhere a tough, ultra matt finish is required.

Camouflage Paint in SprayMax Aerosol

This high-quality army paint is custom made in a 2K SprayMax aerosol. 2-component SprayMax aerosols are known for a superb spray result. We also sell military paint in matt and semi-gloss lacquer that increases the protection you give your project without affecting the overall gloss level.

Benefits 2k military paint

2 component car spray paint has many advantages:

  • The automotive paint is resistant to scratches, chemicals, thinner, petrol and external weather influences.
  • In addition, it is not necessary to use a car clear coat over 2K auto paint. This saves not only time, but also money!
  • Also, 2K car paint is available in different gloss levels. The available gloss degrees are high gloss, satin gloss, matte and ultra-matte.
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