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    Raptor Liner 2K Bedliner Coating TINTABLE 4 liter + FREE spray gun
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Raptor Liner

Raptor Liner is a 2K textured and anti-slip grain coating that is incredibly hard, scratch resistant and durable. Raptor Bedliner paint is therefore also used as a cargo bed coating in a pickup truck, off-road vehicle, SUV or 4x4 car. Raptor Liner bedliner paint adheres to any material, surface or substrate. This allows you to spray anything in a unique Raptor Liner coating. At CROP, you can order bedliner paint from Raptor in black, white and other colors.

Anti chip Raptor coating

Raptor coating is considered anti chip paint because of its hardness. This anti-scratch coating from Raptor Liner protects the body, rims or surface from flying pebbles, sand and other road dirt. The Raptor coating bedliner paint with anti-scratch protection adheres to any surface and can be ordered by color as desired.

Raptor Liner 2K coating

Coating from Raptor Liner is a 2K paint to which you must add hardener. Thanks to the 2-component, the Raptor coating becomes incredibly hard, giving it excellent protection against stone chips, rust, scratches, moisture, brine, road salt and high temperatures. The 2-component coating of Raptor Liner provides durable protection against all outside influences, keeping the car looking great for a long time!

Raptor Bedliner black

Raptor Bedliner black is the most chosen cargo box coating color with anti-slip grain. Raptor Liner black has high coverage and deep color black that resists UV sunlight and discoloration or weathering. Bedliner paint black can be sprayed on the car with a paint sprayer or aerosol can.

Raptor Bedliner on color

Want to order Raptor Bedliner by color so you can decide the color of your cargo box coating? The Raptor Liner Tintable is a kit where you can mix car paint by color and stir it through the bedliner paint. The car paint color gets the anti-slip grain thanks to the Raptor Bedliner. Thanks to the 2 components with hardener, you get a bedliner coating in car color that is incredibly durable and abrasion resistant.

Which Raptor Liner to buy?

You can buy Raptor Liner in different colors and packaging; from special kits to spray cans. The 2K coating bedliner paint from Raptor Liner can all be ordered at You can choose from the types of Raptor Liner products below.

  • Raptor Bedliner black
  • Raptor Bedliner white
  • Gravitex Anti Stone Chip Coating - black
  • Raptor Bedliner tintable - colorable and mixable
  • Raptor Bedliner spray can
  • Raptor Bedliner primer
  • Raptor Bedliner Degreaser

Raptor Liner spray can

Raptor Liner spray can is suitable for spraying bedliner paint when you do not have a spray gun, compressor or other special tools. Raptor coating spray can is also ideal when you want to touch up the existing bedliner paint in case of damage or wear. Raptor Liner coating spray is a 2 component spray can containing hardener. By pressing the red button you activate the 2K spray can and mix the hardener with the bedliner paint.

Application tips for Raptor coating

Applying Raptor coating becomes even easier with the tips below. Raptor Liner can be sprayed with a paint sprayer, or applied with a roller. Use our tips for Raptor coating:

  • Apply a minimum of 2 coats of Raptor Liner
  • Raptor Liner can be baked at 140° for 30 minutes
  • Raptor Liner must cure for 72 hours
  • 1 liter of Raptor Liner covers 5m²
  • Raptor Liner can also be used as a topcoat or topcoat
  • Rims can also be coated with Raptor Liner
  • Raptor Liner is waterproof so it is also suitable for a boat

Want to buy Bucket coating?

Want to buy bedliner with anti-slip and scratch resistant coating? At CROP you can order bedliner paint that can be used as an anti-slip cargo box coating in a pickup truck, car or off-road vehicle. You can either spray or roll Raptor Bedliner where the bedliner coating is fast drying and cures into a 2 component paint that is incredibly hard and durable. Raptor bedliner cargo box coating can be applied directly over a primer or existing coating in the cargo box.