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Stone Chip Repair

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  1. Lakpen autolak 12ml - op kleur gemaakt
    Paint-Pen Custom Made in Any Colour 20ml
    €18.09 €14.95 Retail price €22.99
  2. FINIXA Micro Touch-on Tips in Dispenser Tube
    FINIXA Micro Touch-on Tips in Dispenser Tube
    €17.92 €14.81 Retail price €23.90
  3. Navullingen voor Schuurpen SPOTREPAIR
    Refills for Spot Repair Sanding Pen - 2 pieces
    €11.10 €9.17 Retail price €17.24
  4. Schuurpen voor SPOTREPAIR *Verstelbaar*
    Adjustable Sanding Pen for Spot Repair
    €14.44 €11.93 Retail price €20.51
  5. 3M Body Schutz Coating in Aerosol
    3M Body Schutz Coating in Aerosol
    €11.75 €9.71 Retail price €15.67 As low as €0.00
  6. HPX Roestverwijderstift
    HPX Rust Removal Pen
    €6.66 €5.50 Retail price €9.53
  7. FINIXA Stone chip repair 5 gram
    FINIXA Stone Chip Repair UV
    €27.82 €22.99 Retail price €36.00
  8. TWENTEC Steenslag Starter Kit TW6805
    TWENTEC TW6805 Crushed Stone Starter Kit
    €401.41 €331.74 Retail price €522.72
  9. TWENTEC Steenslag Economy Kit TW6806
    TWENTEC TW6806 Crushed Stone Economy Kit
    €440.43 €363.99 Retail price €573.54
  10. TWENTEC Steenslag Master Kit met Airbrush spuit TW6807
    TWENTEC TW6807 Crushed Stone Master Kit with Airbrush Spray
    €490.61 €405.46 Retail price €638.88
  11. MoTip Anti Steenslag in 500ml spuitbus
    FINIXA Anti Gravel in 400ml Aerosol
    €6.67 €5.51 Retail price €8.89
  12. FINIXA Anti-Gravel Coating Paintable in 1 liter Underscrew Can
    FINIXA Anti-Gravel Coating Paintable in 1 liter Underscrew Can
    €9.49 €7.84 Retail price €15.29
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Stone Chip Repair

Unfortunately stone chips are a common feature in bodywork, usually on the bonnet. Stone chips create small, deep and very localised damage in car paint. Car paint chips are the result of gravel and road debris flicked from the tyres of vehicles in front of you. Paint chips are more common to be a result of motorway driving. At high speeds, the little stones can leave a ding in your car paint.

Car Paint Chips

Stone chip damage can be made worse by winter weather, as salt-spreaders throw grit over the roads. Water and ice get into the chip and affect the metal underneath. It is impossible to avoid stone chip repair, but fixing stone chips is not as difficult as it may seem. Just like any other damage in your paintwork, it is important to repair the damage as soon as possible before it gets worse.

Fix Stone Paint Chips

Removing stone chips takes time. Follow our step-by-step instructions for the best results

  1. Clean and degrease the surface. This step is vital to remove contamination and give the car paint a good surface to adhere to.
  2. Sand down any raised edges around the stone chip. Don't rub too hard as this can damage the surrounding clearcoat.
  3. Apply a car paint primer or basecoat in a car touch up paint pen.
  4. Apply the car paint in thin layers and allow to dry between layers.
  5. Once the car paint is dry, gently sand to make it even.
  6. Apply a clear coat or lacquer to seal the stone chip repair.

Car Touch Up Paint Pen

It is everyone’s worst nightmare, a small scratch, car chip or imperfection spoiling the body of their much-loved car. However, there is a solution for everything. We are delighted to offer an extensive range of car paint pens. We are able to make a car touch up paint pen in any desired colour.

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