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Glue Dent Pullers

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  1. Glue Sticks Set
    Glue Sticks Set
    €32.33 €26.72 Retail price €42.35
  2. WPT6561 Set van 4 Nylon Beschermdoppen
    WPT-6561 Set of 4 Nylon Protective Caps
    €54.63 €45.15 Retail price €67.76
  3. Lijmadapters set per 10 stuks
    Glue Adapters Set - 10 pieces
    €30.10 €24.88 Retail price €39.20
  4. WPT Dent Puller / Brug Los WP6122
    WPT WP6122 Dent Puller, Bridge Loose
    €229.63 €189.78 Retail price €285.56
  5. WPT Dent Combi Kit met Puller + Hammer Silver Edition (WP6180-SE)
    WPT WP6180-SE Dent Combi Kit With Puller and Hammer Silver Edition
    €496.18 €410.07 Retail price €623.15
  6. WPT Dent Hammer Kit Silver Edition (WP6170-SE)
    WPT WP6170-SE Dent Hammer Kit Silver Edition
    €333.39 €275.53 Retail price €417.45
  7. WPT Dent Puller Kit Silver Edition (WP6120-SE)
    WPT WP6120-SE Dent Puller Kit Silver Edition
    €333.39 €275.53 Retail price €417.45
  8. WPT Dent Puller Intro Kit WP6110
    WPT WP6110 Dent Puller Intro Kit
    €262.03 €216.55 Retail price €341.22
  9. WPT Dent Puller Standaard Kit WP6120
    WPT WP6120 Dent Puller Standard Kit
    €295.48 €244.20 Retail price €384.78
  10. WPT Dent Puller Combi Kit WP6180
    WPT WP6180 Dent Puller Combination Kit
    €501.76 €414.68 Retail price €653.40
  11. WPT Slagtrekker Intro Kit WP6160
    WPT WP6160 Hammer Puller Intro Kit
    €262.03 €216.55 Retail price €341.22
  12. WPT Slagtrekker Standaard Kit WP6170
    WPT WP6170 Hammer Puller Standard Kit
    €306.63 €253.41 Retail price €399.30
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12 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Glue Kits

Car dent pullers lifts dents out of car bodywork and straightens the metal out. There are two main types of car dent pullers

  • Suction
    • Suction dent pullers work like plungers, simply attach it to the dent and pull it up towards you to remove the dent
  • Glue kits
    • Glue dent puller kits involve glueing a flat pulling tab directly onto the dent. It has a screw function, twist the handle to pull the tab up and away from the car

Glue Dent Pullers

It is important to follow the instructions on the glue kit. Always clean the surface of the car in order to remove dirt and grease. Don't forget to dry the surface as this will help the dent puller stick to the metal.

  1. Start with choosing the pulling tab that best suits the size of the dent
  2. Heat up the glue gun, apply a blob to the bottom of the pulling tab
  3. Gently fix the tab to the dent with a layer of glue between the tab and the metal
  4. Allow the glue to set for several minutes
  5. With short and quick movements, attach the pulling mechanism over the pulling tab. Begin pulling the tab away from the car
  6. When the tab pops off before the dent is removed, remove the glue and start the process again
  7. Keep in mind that when you pull the dent too far, this can create raised areas. You can easily fix this by using a rubber mallet to gently tap them back down

Glue Sticks

Get the right glue and it will pull off the panel perfectly and remove the dent better (and faster)! The glue sticks are created for different environments and temperatures.

Glue Tabs

Glue tabs come in different colours, sizes and shapes for different usage. With that said, it is very important that you choose the correct/best size of tabs for your use.

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