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Plastic Welding Kits

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  1. PLASTIC HOT STAPLING KIT Kunststof Reparatieset
    TWENTEC TW7175 Plastic Stapling Kit
    €388.02 €320.68 Retail price €635.25
  2. PLASTIC HOT STAPLING KIT Kunststof Reparatieset
    Hot Stapler Plastic Repair Kit
    €240.79 €199.00 Retail price €314.60
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Plastic Hot Stapler

Staple gun kit defines plastic reinforcement simplicity. Reinforcing plastics is quick, strong, and cost effective. The stapler kit is perfect for holding broken tabs in position while making weld repairs. With our wide variety of specialty staples, you will be able to strengthen virtually any type of thermoplastic repair, from inside and outside corners to narrow mounting tabs. To operate, simply insert a staple into the brass contacts then press the button twice until the LED indicator light turns red. Press the hot staple into the thermoplastic to secure and reinforce the damaged area.

Benefits Hot Air Plastic Welding Gun Kit

  • Improves shop productivity
  • Makes plastic repairs stronger
  • Holds broken plastics together securely for weld repairs
  • Holds headlight tabs in place while doing weld repairs
  • Simplifies aligning and reinforcing challenging repairs


Staples are available in different thicknesses and shapes. Depending on the plastic part you need to repair, choose the desired thickness and shape of the staple. The following metal staples are available

  • U-shape: 0,6mm
  • U-shape: 0,8mm
  • V-shape: 0,6mm
  • V-shape: 0,8mm
  • M-shape: 0,6mm
  • M-shape: 0,8mm
  • S-shape: 0,6mm
  • S-shape: 0,8mm
  • F-shape: 0,8mm
  • W-shape: 0,8mm
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