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Car Upholstery Repair

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  1. FINIXA Extra adhesion for car interiours and plastic surfaces LRS42
    FINIXA Extra Adhesion for Car Interiors and Plastic Surfaces 250ml LRS42
    €18.33 €15.15 Retail price €24.44
  2. FINIXA Colour samples for touch up LRS40
    FINIXA Colour samples for touch up LRS40
    €53.13 €43.91 Retail price €70.85
  3. FINIXA Surface structure copier
    FINIXA 2K Surface Structure Gel
    €74.19 €61.31 Retail price €98.92
  4. FINIXA Mesh LRS-23
    FINIXA Reinforcement Mesh LRS-23
    €4.54 €3.75 Retail price €6.05
  5. FINIXA Leather Glue 20ml LRS-22
    FINIXA Leather Glue 20ml LRS-22
    €12.48 €10.31 Retail price €16.64
  6. FINIXA High Built Filler Leather Paste 15ml LRS-32
    FINIXA High Built Filler Leather Paste 15ml LRS-32
    €46.56 €38.48 Retail price €62.07
  7. FINIXA Fine Filler Leather Paste 15ml LRS-30
    FINIXA Fine Filler Leather Paste 15ml LRS-30
    €18.61 €15.38 Retail price €24.81
  8. FINIXA Leather & Textile degreaser 400ml aerosol - LRS20
    FINIXA LRS20 Leather & Textile Degreaser in 400ml Aerosol
    €33.63 €27.79 Retail price €44.83
  9. FINIXA Stain remover 250ml - LRS12
    FINIXA LRS12 Stain Remover 250ml
    €7.85 €6.49 Retail price €10.47
  10. FINIXA Intense Cleaner 250ml - LRS13
    FINIXA LRS13 Intense Cleaner 250ml
    €7.85 €6.49 Retail price €10.47
  11. FINIXA Powercleaner 250ml - LRS11
    FINIXA LRS11 Powercleaner 250ml
    €7.85 €6.49 Retail price €10.47
  12. FINIXA Inktremover 20ml aerosol
    FINIXA Ink Dissolver in 20ml Aerosol
    €10.62 €8.78 Retail price €14.16
  13. SEM Marine Engine Paint in 473ml Aerosol
    SEM Marine Engine Lacquer in 473ml Aerosol
    €16.67 €13.78 Retail price €21.72
  14. RONIN Interieurverwijderingslepels (5-delig) 15.900.500 *INLAY*
    Interior Removal Spoons - 5 pieces
    €33.40 €27.60 Retail price €45.98
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Items 1-24 of 49

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Car Interior Repair

Interior damage has a negative effect on both the cosmetic appearance and also overall value of the vehicle. The most common form of interior damage is

  • Cigarette burns and holes in velour seats
  • Wear and tear to leather seats
  • Door panels general wear and tear
  • Scuffs to wooden trim panels
  • Scratches to car leather seats

Leather Repair Kit

Vehicles of late are increasingly becoming more common to have leather fitted as standard. With our leather repair products, you are able to repair leather damage to a high standard with accurate colour matching being achieved. It is now easier to carry out a leather repair. The leather repair set is a complete range of products to protect, clean, repair and restore leather and even plastic interiors of cars.

Car Seat Repair

CROP stocks a wide range of products to carry out repairs to both leather car seats and car upholstery. Our car interior repair products can minimise the tired and worn appearance of vehicle interiors. Car seat repairs can help maintain the value and looks of your vehicle and can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Spray Adhesives

Spray adhesives are suitable for a wide range of applications, bonding lightweight materials such as fiberglass, foam, polystyrene (not all products are compatible), paper, felt, wood, plastic and more. Typical applications include general assembly, temporary holding, palletizing and label attachment.

3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive

3M Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive is an extremely versatile, fast-drying, and transparent spray adhesive that bonds a wide range of lightweight materials. This fast, permanent bond provides fast results to keep projects moving ahead. The spray formula is easy to dispense and apply directly onto surfaces and materials where needed.

Car Interior Trim

Interior trim and plastic areas can be damaged by everyday use. Car interior damage can spoil the look of your car and may effect its market value. Most car interior repairs can be carried out with our professional products.

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