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Plastic Repair

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  1. 1K Kunststof Primer in Spuitbus SprayMax
    Plastic Primer SprayMax aerosol
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    €14.46 €11.95 Retail price €25.35
  2. 1K Kunststof Structuurlak in Spuitbus SprayMax
    Textured Spray Paint SprayMax aerosol
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    €15.79 €13.05 Retail price €25.35
  3. MIPA 1K Kunststof Hechtprimer
    MIPA 1K Plastic Adhesive Primer
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    €13.93 €11.51 Retail price €17.40
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Bumper Repair

Car bumper scuffs or scratch damages are a pain. Not only can it harm the appearance of your vehicle, but it can also significantly affect the resale value. A bumper repair can be a cost-effective solution as it costs at least 50% less than an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) new replacement. Rather than wasting money on an expensive bumper replacement, you can now restore your car bumper to excellent condition with our high quality bumper repair products. Bumper scuff repair starts with cleaning the surface, preparing it and matching the paint for spraying. Common bumper damages are

  • Minor gate post scuff
  • Parking bollard collisions
  • Cracked
  • Split
  • Flaking or cracked paintwork
  • Punctured

Bumper Scuffs

Whether it was your fault or not, a car's bodywork is rarely free from scratches or scuffs. Why keep driving around with unsightly bumper scuffs when you can get them fixed by yourself? If you are a bit more confident in your DIY skills, perhaps you might want to order online the right shade of car spray paint, sand down the bumper and respray it yourself. We will guide you through the stages.

  1. Clean and degrease the surface as this will provide a better adhesion
  2. Sanding back the damaged area removes scratches and ensures the surface is smooth
  3. Prime the surface with a plastic primer
  4. Paint the surface in the correct shade of car spray paint
  5. Use clear coat or lacquer to provide a tough, durable glossy finish
  6. The final job is to polish the area

Plastic Bumper Repair

Plastic requires special fillers, primers and adhesives to repair impact bumper damage and split bumpers. Our extensive range of bumper repair products can rectify any paint damage, scratches and scuffs. To ensure an accurate repair, we mix car spray paint in the manufacturer's original colour code specification to ensure that the colour of your bumper is seamlessly restored.

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