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RUPES Orbital Polishers

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RUPES BigFoot Polishers

RUPES has been leading the way in machine polishing tool technology since its launch in 1951. RUPES Dual Action (DA) polishers are designed to safely and effectively polish paint. The random oscillation mimics the movement of you hand making these both a safe and effective tool for correcting swirls as well as maintaining your paintwork. The range has expanded to feature a variety of innovative machine polishers offering car care enthusiasts and professional detailers true flexibility in their selection of the right tool for the job at hand!

Best Orbital Polisher

RUPES BigFoot is the best orbital buffer! RUPES has been the brand with the best polishing machines for many years. The random orbital polishers can be safely used on any car paint. Because the machine is perfectly balanced, you can polish without vibrations. The continued refinement of the BigFoot random orbital platform in Mark III reinforces its best in class reputation, making the best even better. BigFoot Mark III proves once again that RUPES BigFoot is the gold standard by which all professional polishing tools should be judged.

RUPES Random Orbital Polishers

Experience and task are decisive for the right technology. The RUPES polishing system covers the complete range of drive technologies for polishing machines, so the perfect polishing machine can be found for every operator. Unlike many other manufacturers, RUPES delivers complete polishing solutions. Therefore, they have always developed compounds and pads specifically designed to complement the motion and speeds of their polishers. As a matter of principle: Rotary polishers belong exclusively in experienced hands because of their high removal rate and usually require subsequent finishing with a random orbital polisher.

  • RUPES LHR15 orbital polisher
  • RUPES LHR21 orbital polisher
  • RUPES LHR75 orbital polisher
  • RUPES iBrid Nano polisher
  • RUPES Mark 3 polisher
  • RUPES Mark 2 polisher
  • RUPES Mark 1 polisher
  • RUPES LHR12 DUETTO polisher
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