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Dual Action Polishers

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DA Polishers

A Dual Action Polisher is also called a Forced Rotation Dual-Action Orbital Polisher. Random orbital/dual action polishers are the easiest and most user-friendly electric polishers. This polishing machine combines both the rotary and orbital motions into once forced action. The main difference between a DA polisher and a random orbital polisher is that a forced rotation drives both the rotating and orbiting motions. A DAP is stronger than an orbital polisher yet safe for beginners.

Dual Action Polishers

Dual action polishing machines (or DA Polishers) spin in two different ways: the head spins in a concentric circular action on a spindle which in turn spins in a wider circulating motion. This creates a “wobble” which prevents excess heat and friction build up, but still allows enough such that light to moderate paintwork blemishes can be removed. Dual action polishers are lightweight and easy to control on both horizontal panels and vertical panels. You can use them to remove swirls, polish car paint to a high gloss, apply a wax or paint sealant and even use them to remove the wax or paint sealant after it has dried. DA is the perfect choice for amateur enthusiast!

Dual Action or Rotary Polisher?

Which polishing machine is right for you? Choose a dual action car polisher if you don't want to worry about burning through car paint, adding holograms, to remove a few swirls and light scratches, for regular use and if you want something that is easy to use. In contrast, go for a rotary polisher for serious paintwork blemishes and if you are a professional detailer.

RUPES D-A Polishing System

With the use of dual action pads and products, dual action polishers cannot cause swirls, but they can be used to remove swirls. Using the latest breakthroughs in abrasive technology, developed, tested, refined, blended, and packaged 100% in-house by RUPES in Italy, these all-new compound and polish formulas aren’t just a new standard for RUPES, they’re a new standard for the industry

  • BigFoot D-A Coarse
  • BigFoot D-A Fine
  • RUPES Uno Pure Ultra Finishing Polish
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