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FLEX Orbital Polishers

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FLEX Orbital Polishers

FLEX polishers have always been the measure of all things for professional surface processing. No matter if yacht, plane, motorcycle or car, the FLEX polishing machines will bring every surface to shine. Cordless or corded? With FLEX polishers there is no need to compromise, because we offer both. Corded polishers for working in the garage and battery-powered polishers for flexible use at any place.

Professional Range of FLEX Polishing Machines

Experience and task are decisive for the right technology. The FLEX polishing system covers the complete range of drive technologies for polishing machines, so the perfect polishing machine can be found for every operator. As a matter of principle: Rotary polishers belong exclusively in experienced hands because of their high removal rate and usually require subsequent finishing with a random orbital polisher.

  • FLEX XCE orbital polisher
  • FLEX XFE orbital polisher
  • FLEX XC3401 orbital polisher
  • FLEX PXE mini orbital polisher


  • Experienced users
  • Highest removal rate
  • Hologram formation possible
  • Fastest way to remove scratches

Random Orbital (positive-action drive)

  • Ideal for removing scratches and for finishing
  • No hologram formation
  • Good removal rate
  • Wide range of applications

Random Orbital (free running)

  • Easy handling
  • Perfect for finishing
  • No hologram formation
  • Suitable for all types of user
  • Low removal rate

Cordless or Corded FLEX Polisher?

No matter if battery power with 18 V or corded – there are no differences in performance. Thanks to the same behaviour of the cordless and corded machine, the same polishing result can be achieved without any modification. Both systems offer random orbital and rotary drive types.


With the PXE, the EC smart polisher from FLEX, even small and hard-to-reach areas are no longer a problem. From quick damage correction in the spot area, spot sanding and very fine polishing work to defect correction, hologram removal and finishing: the PXE 80 can be converted in just 10 seconds, without tools, without stress.

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