RUPES LHR15 MARK III Polisher 125mm - STD

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Product information

RUPES BigFoot LHR15 Mark III Polisher

RUPES LHR15 MARK III Polisher, is the newest orbital polisher with a 125mm RUPES BigFoot backing plate. RUPES BigFoot LHR15 Mark 3 is more powerful and advanced than ever! It is the most professional polishing machine for polishing car paint. An orbital polisher that has been specially developed for professional car detailers.

About the RUPES LHR15 Mark 3 Polisher

RUPES LHR15 BigFoot is the most popular polisher for electrically polishing all types of car paint and coatings. This orbital polisher has a 15mm orbit size and 125mm velcro backing plate. RUPES LHR15 MK3 orbital polisher has a 500 watt powerful motor, the speed is electronically adjustable between 3000 and 5200 rpm. This machine is the most professional polisher on the market!

What does RUPES LHR15 MARK III Polisher STD contain?

RUPES LHR15 Mark 3 STD is the most standard version. When you purchase the STD, the polisher is supplied separately with a manual. This version is ideal if you already have your own polishing compounds, polishing discs and microfibre cloths.

What's new about RUPES LHR15 Mark 3?

Mark 3 BigFoot Polisher has been renewed in various areas. It has various new features, a completely new design and a higher speed.

Renewed and increased speed

The engine has remained the same, but the speed has been renewed and increased. The speed starts at 3000rpm; 500rpm higher than the Mark 2! The speed can be adjusted in 6 positions to 5200rpm.

Electronic accelerator in handle

RUPES BigFoot Mark 3 Polisher has an electronic accelerator in the handle that serves as a gas pedal. By making use of the accelerator, you can control the speed of the polisher! You won't have to slow down the speed every time for spreading new polish over the surface!

Softgrip accents

RUPES Mark 3 Polisher has white softgrip accents. These accents are made of incredibly soft rubber so you can polish vibration-free. An additional support is placed on top of the machine, allowing the polisher to be turned on its back so that the polishing pad remains clean.

9 meter long power cable

The polisher has a 9 meter long power cable. Thanks to the extra long cable you no longer need to use an extension cord or power reel to polish the whole car.

Product Features RUPES LHR15 Mark 3 Polisher

  • Equipped with progressive accelerator
  • Equipped with softgrip accents for extra comfort
  • Vibration-free polishing
  • Most universal polisher
  • Equipped with 125mm velcro backing plate
  • Suitable for 130mm and 150mm polishing discs
  • Suitable for polishing all types of car paint and coatings
  • 230 Volt
  • Adjustable speed in 6 positions
  • Weighs only 2,6 kg

Official manufacturer's warranty

When you purchase a RUPES BigFoot Polisher at CROP, you automatically receive 3 years of official RUPES factory warranty. You will automatically benefit from the free RUPES pick-and-drop service. In the unlikely event that something is wrong with the machine, the machine will be picked up and returned to you free of charge.

Full product information


Diameter 125mm
Implementation Electric
Speed from - til 3000 - 5200 rpm
Voltage 230 Volt
All specifications

Product reviews


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First class polisher
Top product of Rupes works very well lies well in the hand controlled polishing at any speed happy with the purchase have used various polisher this is the topper. on the advice of crop professional company
Rene hoogenraad |
Translated from Dutch
In 1 word TOP!!!
Very fine and easy to handle polisher. Thanks to the eccentric movements of the polisher, you have no chance of it going through the paint. Am very satisfied with the machine and will definitely recommend it further.
Autobedrijf Gansekoele uit Uden |
Translated from Dutch
Is very nice to work with!
U&R Car Cleaning |
Translated from Dutch
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