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FLEX Polishers

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FLEX Polishers

FLEX polishing machines for professional polishing of cars, boats, caravans, campers, furniture, kitchens and other surfaces. FLEX has a wide range of polishers and is widely accepted in the detailing industry, especially when it comes to rotary polishing machines. From random orbital, to rotary and direct driven polishers. A FLEX polisher has extreme building quality with power for paint correction that lasts. 

Flex Polishing Machines

We offer a full range of dual action and rotary polishers designed for enthusiasts and professionals. As the largest distributor of FLEX machine polishers, we guarantee the lowest price possible with official manufacturer's warranty. The following FLEX polishers are available

  • FLEX Random Orbital Polishers
  • FLEX Cordless Polishers
  • FLEX Rotary Polishers


  • Experienced users
  • Highest removal rate
  • Hologram formation possible
  • Fastest way to remove scratches

Random Orbital (positive-action drive)

  • Ideal for removing scratches and for finishing
  • No hologram formation
  • Good removal rate
  • Wide range of applications

Random Orbital (free running)

  • Easy handling
  • Perfect for finishing
  • No hologram formation
  • Suitable for all types of user
  • Low removal rate

FLEX Machine Polishers

CROP stocks an extensive range of the best FLEX buffers. FLEX PXE, FLEX PE14-2 and FLEX L602 are one of the most seen FLEX polishers in the market.

  • FLEX XFE polisher
  • FLEX XCE polisher
  • FLEX PXE mini polisher
  • FLEX PE polisher


With the PXE, the EC smart polisher from FLEX, even small and hard-to-reach areas are no longer a problem. From quick damage correction in the spot area, spot sanding and very fine polishing work to defect correction, hologram removal and finishing: the PXE 80 can be converted in just 10 seconds, without tools, without stress.

Accessories for Polishers

You can also purchase accessories for your FLEX polisher. Whether you are looking for a new backing plate, carbon motor brushes, velcro pad or polishing pads. We offer a complete range of FLEX accessories.

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