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Orbital Polishers

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Random Orbital Polisher

An orbital polisher is also known as a random orbital polisher. An orbital polishing machine spins the polishing pad in two ways. The polishing pad rotates in a large circle, but it also oscillates in several small circles within the larger circle. This prevents friction and too much heat as it removes imperfections from car paint. In contrast to a rotary polisher, it is easier to use but has much less power. An orbital buffer removes scratches, swirls and holograms. It is the best buffer to restore car paint back to its gleaming glory!

Difference Rotary and Orbital Polisher

A rotary polisher spins the polishing pad in a clockwise direction, it usually has a direct drive motor. A rotary buffer repeatedly polishes the same area over and over again. You'll need to make sure that you don't overdo it by going through the paint layer. Therefore, the best rotary polishers are commonly used by professionals and are not recommended for first-time users. The motors and drive units used to build random, orbital polishers offer two different mechanical actions to spin the buffing pad when cleaning, polishing or adding a coating of wax to an automotive finish. Unlike a rotary buffer however, instead of using a direct drive mechanism to rotate the buffing pad in one direction, orbital polishers use a mechanism that causes the pad to both rotate in a circle and at the same time the pad oscillates in an eccentric pattern inside this larger, main rotating pattern or action of the polishing machine.

Orbital Buffer

Random orbital polishers move in two directions as opposed to the single rotation of the high-speed car polisher which makes it a safer choice. It has long been promoted as the safest type of car buffer to polish a car with.

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