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Cordless Polishers

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Cordless Polishers

Cordless polishers are becoming very popular in the detailing industry. Cordless machine polishers are an exciting development. A professional detailer knows how tricky it can be to prevent the power cable from trailing down onto the paintwork. This increases the chances of scratching or marring as the cable rubs back and forth over it. A cordless car polisher is probably on every detailer's wish list.

FLEX Cordless Polishers

FLEX has gained a well-deserved reputation for engineering excellence. FLEX cordless car polishers are used worldwide by professional detailers and car care enthusiasts. FLEX has developed a battery system capable of providing enough power for a sufficient period of time.

FLEX XFE15-150 and FLEX PE-150

These are both cordless machine polishers. Both have controls easily accessible: speed control dial has been placed to be operated by the thumb. The 'SoftGrip' rubberised material reduces vibration and makes it more comfortable to hold the polisher for longer periods of time. The cordless car buffers display revolutions per minute (RPM) and orbits per minute (OPM) for the corresponding speed dial number. Both cordless buffers are brushless, making them maintenance-free. In addition, FLEX has developed an interchangeable Li-Ion battery pack system. Owners of cordless FLEX power tools can use those battery packs with their cordless buffers.

Milwaukee Cordless Polishers

The slim and compact design of Milwaukee cordless buffers is a godsend for all-day polishing. You can virtually polish, compound or even wax your vehicle anywhere. For instance, Milwaukee M18 is a rotary polisher that gives you more than enough power to efficiently polish an entire vehicle in a single full charge.

RUPES Cordless Buffers

RUPES is a market leader when it comes to cordless polishers. RUPES iBrid Nano is a battery polisher that has been specially developed for polishing small, tight and hard to reach areas. RUPES BigFoot Nano is a machine that can be used as a polisher and sander!

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