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RUPES BigFoot Polishers

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RUPES BigFoot Polishers

CROP stocks the largest selection of RUPES Polishers and Buffers. RUPES has been the brand with the best polishing machines for many years. The random orbital polishers can be safely used on any car paint.

Difference RUPES Mark I and Mark III

From RUPES MARK I to Mark II, the main difference was that it had 30% more power than Mark I. The Mark III holds that standard with the 30% more power, but there is no increase in power from the Mark II. The most important upgrades are

  1. It has a much longer cord (30-foot cord), you're able to plug in directly to the wall.
  2. The speed dial is a lot bigger with rubber stops for a little bit more control. The numbers are also different. On Mark I, the numbers are horizontal. On Mark III, the numbers are vertical, much bigger and also work in the direction.
  3. The speed dial is bigger and it has a nice little rubber grip.
  4. It has a variable speed trigger. It has a soft start but you can also feather it down while staying at full speed.
  5. Rubber RUPES logo and additional stripe for improved ergonomics.
  6. It has two stops so when you lay the machine down it's not going to slide anywhere.
  7. The tip changed to a matte carbon look.

It's a very nice upgrade, especially if you're going from the LHR Mark I to the LHR III.

RUPES D-A System

Using the latest breakthroughs in abrasive technology, developed, tested, refined, blended, and packaged 100% in-house by RUPES in Italy, these all-new compound and polish formulas aren’t just a new standard for RUPES, they’re a new standard for the industry. Each of these new BigFoot liquids represent the RUPES commitment to innovation and quality. Improved cutting performance, astounding finishing ability, and a focus on the user experience we are confident that the new BigFoot D-A Compounds and UNO Pure will become staples in your arsenal for paint correction. 

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