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Polishing Compounds

A polish is designed to remove defects, whether it be in the form of water marks, acid-rain etch, fine scratches or swirl marks. With modern cars, a car polish doesn't damage clearcoat. Polishing compounds have the ability to leave a shining and smoothing effect on the paint along with removing light scratches from the paint.

All In One Car Polish

This is the most common type car polish for consumers. AIO polish contains glaze and car wax within, producing great results fast. However, these hardly produce a permanent finish. A compound cuts the layer down to reveal an even and fresh surface. AIO polish contains three main ingredients

  1. Mild abrasive to remove light wash marring
  2. Acrylic or polymer fillers to mask any imperfections
  3. Car wax

Rubbing Compound vs Polishing Compound

Rubbing compounds targets the uneven surfaces caused by scratches. Polishing compound is preferably used for adding smoothness and shine to car paint. Furthermore, both will help in improving your car's quality.

3M Polishes and Compounds

3M offers a wide range of colour coded compounds, designed to work best with their corresponding foam or pad to achieve the optimum result for any finishing job. The 3M Perfect-It System provides a polishing answer for every possible requirement - fresh or aged paints, in small and large areas.

Pro's Car Polish

As any car enthusiast will know, maintaining the quality and finish of your car's paintwork is absolutely vital. Below we outline all the pro's you need to know about car polish.

  • Buffing, filling and smoothing properties of car polish help even the paint job on your car
  • A well-maintained glossy car paint can improve the resale value
  • Removes small, shallow scratches
  • Thorough polishing makes stubborn spots harder to see
  • Removes paint defects like uneven coating and swirl marks
  • Cuts down on the number of car washes because less dirt adheres to the vehicle
  • Extends the life of your paintwork
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