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Kip tape

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Kip tape

Kip tape is known worldwide as the best masking tape for painters, professionals and hobbyists. The Kip tape is used for masking and masking before you start painting, painting or varnishing. The features of Kip tape are: high adhesive strength, does not leave adhesive residue, UV resistant and can be used both outdoors and indoors for long periods of time. You can buy all Kip tape at CROP in different types, sizes, lengths and widths.

Which Kip tape to buy?

Want to buy Kip tape but don't know which painter's tape is best for you? At, you can choose from all types of Kip masking tape suitable for painting, painting and varnishing. The Kip tape can be safely used with both water-based paints, and thinner or turpentine-based paints and lacquers. At CROP you can order the Kip tape below, among others:

  • Kip tape 3301
  • Kip tape 3308
  • Kip Ultra Sharp
  • Kip painter's tape

Kip tape 3301

Kip tape 3301 is professional painter's tape with Ultra Sharp technology. As a result, this Kip painter's tape has paint edges that are extremely sharp and tight. The Kip tape 3301 is UV resistant and can be used on smooth and rough surfaces. Because the Kip Ultra Sharp tape has good adhesion thanks to natural rubber adhesive, the Kip 3301 tape is used professionally by painters.

Kip tape 3308

Kip tape 3308 is he best washi tape that is incredibly thin with high-quality acrylic adhesive. This very thin masking tape Kip WASHI-TEC prevents paint from getting under the tape giving you the tightest lines and edges. The Kip Washi Tape 3308 is UV resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 120°C. Despite its high adhesive strength, the Kip 3308 painter's tape is easy to tear to size and very pliable.

Kip Ultra Sharp

Kip Ultra Sharp is known as the best masking tape with very sharp paint edges. The Ultra Sharp Kip tape ensures that paint or varnish does not get under the tape while painting, varnishing or painting. As a result, you get edges that are sharp and tight with this painter's tape. The Kip Ultra Sharp rolls of tape can be ordered on 50-meter rolls in 24mm and 36mm widths.

Kip painters tape

Kip painters tape is used professionally by most discerning craftsmen and DIYers. Because of this, painters find Kip tape to be the best tape for masking and masking. All Kip painter's tapes have high adhesive strength, are clean removable and leave no adhesive residue. The Kip tape for painters is available in various widths on rolls of 25 and 50 meters.