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Duct Tape

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  1. Klustape & Duct tape 48mm x 20 meter
    Multipurpose Duct tape 48mm x 20 meter
    €3.19 €2.64 Retail price €3.99 As low as €3.04
  2. 3M Duct Tape 50mm x 50 meter - 1909
    3M Cloth Tape 50mm x 50 meter - 2903
    €4.92 €4.07 Retail price €5.20
  3. HPX Clean Removal Tape 50mm x 33 meter
    HPX Clean Removal Tape 50mm x 33 meter
    €6.57 €5.43 Retail price €9.39 As low as €6.05
  4. Straaltape & Ducttape 50mm *STANDAARD KWALITEIT*
    Radius- and Duct Tape - Standard Quality, 50mm
    €2.55 €2.11 Retail price €4.84 As low as €1.61
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Adhesive Cloth Tape

Duct Tapes are built to stick. Whether your surface is smooth and refined or rough and rugged; whether your job is one hour or one year, CROP has the portfolio of dependable tapes to get the job done. Sealing PVC pipes, covering tripping hazards, repairing or hanging poly sheeting - 3M duct tapes can get the job done. Our ducts tapes come in a variety of colors and strengths for your unique project.

Blasting & Duct Tape

Blasting tape is a protective masking tapes for use during plastic media blast (PMB), sand blast (dry strip paint removal) or other shot peen processes. Prevents small particles of sandblasting media and other debris from infiltrating and damaging sensitive surfaces, components and control systems.

3M Duct Tape

3M duct tape is designed as a general purpose cotton cloth tape with a high tack adhesive and easy tear properties. Used across a wide variety of applications including binding, securing and sealing. Waterproof backing has good conformability. A polyethylene treated rayon cloth backing with synthetic rubber adhesive.

Gaffer Tape

Typically gaffer’s tape is a matte black for minimal light reflection and is used in movie, television, and photo studios to temporarily tape cables to the floor or light fixtures to vertical posts. This type of tape needs to be able to be easily torn by hand and remove cleanly.

Stucco Tape

Stucco tape is used to attach protective polyethylene film over doors and windows during house construction prior to spraying the outside walls with stucco. Stucco duct tape is built to stick to a wide variety of materials and textures, including wood, metal, concrete, vinyl, brick, and stucco without compromising strength or durability. Stucco tape is designed to be used outdoors for several days at a time, so it must be able to resist the ultraviolet of the sun’s rays during that time.

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