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Specialist Tapes

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Specialist Tapes

An excellent range of self-adhesive specialist tapes including carpet tape, mounting tape, all weather tape, heat-resistant tape, camo tape and clean removal tape.

HPX Carpet Tape

HPX carpet tape is manufactured from cloth and suitable for most types of carpet. Carpet tape has a very high adhesive strength, is suitable for rough surfaces and hand tearable. Carpet Tape used to bind the raw edges of a carpet fragment is often helpful when using a larger fragment for an area rug. The vinyl tape is affixed to the underside, leaving a small lip that is folded over and pressed into place on the front side.

Mounting Tape

Double sided foam mounting tape has high adhesive strength and is suitable for permanent fixation of all kinds of objects. Foam tape adheres to irregular surfaces and can be used for indoor and outdoor use.

All Weather Tape

HPX all weather tape is designed for outdoor repairs that need to stand up to extreme weather conditions with a permanent bond. All weather tape is made with an incredibly strong, permanent, butyl adhesive and a weather resistant shell, this tape withstands even extreme weather conditions.

Heat Resistant Tape

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Our range of professional high temperature tapes can certainly handle the heat. High temperature tape include teflon, aluminium and a range of double sided bonding products.

Camo Tape

HPX camo tape is a very strong, self-adhesive textile tape with high adhesive strength in camouflage colour. Camouflage tape is suitable for numerous applications.

Clean Removal Tape

Clean removal strapping tape is a high-performance clean-removal tape with a tensilized polypropylene film backing and pressure-sensitive adhesive. The tape is designed to secure shelving, racks, doors, panels, cords and parts in place, from plant to install. Clean removal tape removes cleanly and resists stains on common surfaces, such as painted metal, plastic and glass.

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