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Drywall Jointing Tape

Wire mesh & reinforcement mesh

Mesh tape and rebar mesh is used in extra reinforcement of drywall and stucco. Using mesh tape on a drywall prevents cracks caused by vibration or movement. In addition, mesh tape is used to eliminate unevenness such as seams. This makes the drywall or stucco look sleek and smooth, so you have the perfect preparation when you begin finishing to paint and stain.

Adhesive mesh tape

Self-adhesive mesh tape contains an adhesive that is extra strong, allowing you to easily apply the rebar mesh. Thanks to the adhesive, the mesh tape stays in place for a long time so you don't have to worry about it coming loose again. Because mesh tape is self-adhesive, the rebar mesh can be fixed in any desired position.

Mesh tape drywall

Mesh tape drywall reinforces and finishes seams and irregularities, giving you a tight finish. By using mesh tape on drywall, you prevent cracks from appearing in the ceiling, walls or walls at a later stage. The mesh tape for drywall is on a roll and can be ordered in 48mm, 50mm and 100mm widths.

Rebar mesh stucco

Rebar mesh stu cco tape works like a tape that you can apply quickly. The mesh tape is fiberglass reinforced tape that you can use both indoors and outdoors. If you are going to use high-quality stucco rebar mesh then you are guaranteed a professional result. By using the rebar mesh on stucco you will prevent cracks and finish unevenness in ceiling, wall and wall.

HPX Drywall Jointing Tape

HPX Drywall Jointing Tape is high-quality mesh tape for drywall and stucco. This fiberglass tape is used as a mesh tape for finishing when plastering or installing drywall. The HPX Drywall Jointing Tape is extra thin and strong giving you the most professional finish for painting the wall, ceiling or wall.

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