Kip 3688 Masking Film + Washi Tape - 1400mm x 33 meters

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Product information

Kip 3688 Washi Tec Mask

Kip 3688 Washi Tec Premium Mask is suitable for sharp paint lines and easy masking of large areas in one operation. The masking film with tape washi is static so it adheres itself to the surface for easy and quick masking. Suitable on smooth and slightly rough surfaces and ideal for protecting baseboards, furniture, walls, floors and doors when painting, painting or spraying automotive paint.

Masking film with tape

Masking film from Kip is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. One side of the masking film has washi tape attached for sharp lines and prevents paint from running under the painters tape.

Washi Tape

Washi Tape from Kip is made exclusively from original Japanese washi paper and reinforced with extra long Jinzokei fibers. Original washi paper is only made in Japan. Tape washi is very thin and yet extremely tear-resistant. This makes it very precise to apply, which prevents paint from running under the painter's tape. Kip washi tapes feature a high-quality adhesive that is highly resistant to moisture and water. As a result, kip painter's tape is particularly resilient.

Technical specifications

  • Carrier: WASHI-TEC Goldkrepp
  • Temperature resistance: 100°C
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Tensile strength (N/10mm): 33.90
  • Adhesion on steel (N/10mm): 1.10
  • Elongation (%): 4.00
  • Indoor use: 3 months
  • Outdoor use: 4 weeks

Available in 4 sizes

Kip mask is available in different dimensions:

  1. 550mm x 33 meters (for skirting and flooring, among other things)
  2. 1100mm x 33 meters (for e.g. windows and furniture)
  3. 1400mm x 33 meters (for windows, furniture, etc.)
  4. 2700mm x 20 meters (for doors, walls, etc.)

Features Kip 3688

  • Very thin washi tape
  • High quality acrylic adhesive
  • Paint does not run under the masking tape
  • Environmentally friendly masking film (8 μ)
  • For quick masking and masking of a surface
  • For sharp lines on smooth and slightly rough surfaces
  • UV-resistant
  • The film adheres to the surface by static charge
Full product information

Pros and cons

  • UV-resistant
  • The film adheres to the substrate by static charge
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 100°C
  • Limited outdoor use


SKU 3688-14
Brand Kip
EAN 4013142037694
Category Masking

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