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Double Sided Tape

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Double Sided Tape

Automotive double sided tape is used in a wide range of applications for attachment to the body of vehicles. The most common applications include the bonding of accessories using durable products which offer exceptional adhesion and resistance to vibration and environmental degradation. Our two sided tapes are available in different widths and lengths. Double sided adhesive tape has an extremely high adhesive strength and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use!

Double Sided Sticky Tape

CROP offers a range of two sided tapes providing excellent high initial stick that enables two materials under stress to be held together very well, yet allow for repositioning within a short time of application.

3M Double Sided Bonding Tape

3M offers a complete range of double sided sticky tapes. 3M VHB industrial tapes and adhesives can be used to bond, seal and attach metal, plastic and glass assemblies with ease, replacing mechanical fasteners and adhesives.

3M Double Sided Acrylic Foam Mounting Tape

3M Acrylate Double Sided Tape 4229 is a professional tape with acrylic foam that is only 0.8 mm thick. This extremely thin double-sided mounting tape has a high adaptability thanks to the acrylic foam. It adheres perfectly to metal, plastic and is temperature-resistant up to 90 degrees Celsius.

3M Acrylate Plus Double Sided Tape

3M Acrylate Double-Sided Mounting Tape 1100 is a powerful foam tape for attaching parts to the body of a car. Think of the long-term sticking of decorative frames and parking strips. This double-sided tape is made from high-quality acrylate glue with a very high initial adhesion. 3M Acrylate tape is a double-sided adhesive that can be used for many different purposes. It can withstand temperatures up to 90°C. In addition, this tape is known for its high shock and weather resistance. These aspects make it ideal for the automotive industry!

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