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Gaffer tape

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Gaffer tape

Gaffer tape is strong linen tape that is matte in color and water resistant. Gaffer tape has a strong adhesive strength that makes it adhere well to any surface. Unlike other types of tape, gaffer tape does not leave adhesive residue when removed. As a result, your paint or varnish will not peel off and no adhesive residue will remain.

Colors of gaffer tape

You can buy gaffer tape in different colors. Each color is matte so the gaffer tape does not reflect or reflect light. At CROP, you can buy 6 colors of gaffer tape in 25mm and 50mm widths. Each roll of gaffer tape has a length of 25 meters. Choose from the colors of gaffer tape below:

  • Gaffer tape Black
  • Gaffer tape Yellow
  • Gaffer tape White
  • Gaffer tape Silver
  • Gaffer tape Red
  • Gaffer tape Blue

What is gaffer tape?

Always wondered what gaffer tape is? Gaffer tape is also called studio tape or theater tape because that's where it's widely used. This high-quality and strong linen tape is named after gaffer: the person responsible for lighting, sound and electricity in a theater, studio or on a stage.

Gaffer tape black

Gaffer tape black is widely used in a theater, studio, on television, during a film production and music performance. Here, cables are covered with matte black gaffer tape. This makes the cables unobtrusive and the tape does not reflect when light shines on them. By covering cables and cords with gaffer tape, you avoid dangerous situations where people can trip or fall. After you are done, pull the black gaffer tape off the floor and leave no traces of glue.

Gaffer tape the same as duct tape?

No, gaffer tape is not the same as duct tape. Duct tape is extremely strong with a higher adhesive strength. In this regard, duct tape is not suitable for leaving in place for long periods of time. When duct tape is removed, it leaves adhesive residue. Gaffer tape can stay in place for a long time without leaving residual adhesive. The gaffer tape is easy to remove, tear by hand and strong enough to tape off cable, cords and wires.

Want to buy gaffer tape?

Want to buy gaffer tape or are you looking for another tape? At Nonpaints.com you can choose from several professional tapes. Order before 10 p.m. and receive it the next day!

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