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Fine Line Tape

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Fine Line Tape

Fine line tape creates long straight lines and sweeping curves where a crisp, sharp paint line is desired. Due to its thinness, it is possible to get excellent colour line separation. It offers excellent moisture and solvent resistance, a natural rubber adhesive for quick adhesion and its backing allows taping over fresh paint sooner than paper tapes, with less chance of damage.

3M Scotch Fine Line Striping Tape

Save time and create precise fine lines when auto body paint striping, using Scotch® Fine Line Striping Tape. Our 1in wide tape is pre-slit and easy to use. Simply apply our specially engineered tape, and pull out up to eight 1/6in wide strips to expose paintable areas.

  • Sharp paint lines
  • Virtual elimination of imprint even on fresh paint surface, due to low tack adhesive.
  • Excellent curvability without edge tear or wrinkling
  • Less edge build up

Colad Fine Line Tape

Colad fine line masking tape, specially designed to mask objects if excellent colour separation is required when spraying with multiple colours, printing or custom painting. It adheres to a wide variety of surfaces and can be used in combination with waterborne coatings. It can be removed easily without leaving any residue.

Finixa Fine Line Masking Tape

Blue fine line tape is a PVC tape for specific masking tasks such as spraying of multiple colours, art-work or custom painting. Fine line painters tape is more flexible than conventional masking tapes. The excellent adhesive quality makes it possible to mask plastic and rubber.

Washi Masking Tape UV

UV Resistant Washi masking tape is an ultra-thin painters tape for use on the most demanding projects with delicate surfaces, such as wallcoverings, and painted (dried) surfaces. Capable of producing extremely sharp lines. Formulated with a new lower-tack acrylic adhesive, it removes from delicate surfaces exceptionally cleanly.

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