CROP Half-Face Mask A1P2 + carbon filters & dust filters

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CROP Half-Face Mask A1P2 + carbon filters & dust filters
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Product information

Half Face Mask A1P2 with carbon filter and dust filter

Half Face Mask A1P2 with carbon filter and dust filter from CROP protects your breathing through nose and mouth while spraying lacquer, painting paint, sanding and working with thinner or solvent-based liquids. This respirator is made of high quality and soft silicone rubber which makes it comfortable even during long days and for eyeglass wearers. Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can properly adjust the A1P2 mask on your half face so that it has the perfect fit on everyone's face. The CROP half face mask is equipped with double carbon filter and dust filter that provide optimal protection against organic vapors, solvents, gases and dust.

Spray Mask

Spray Mask you wear while spraying car paint, clear coat, varnish, primer or spray putty to protect your breathing from the solvents and organic vapors. This CROP paint respirator for spraying lacquer, paint and coatings is essential to ensure proper personal protection. The A1P2 paint spray mask prevents the inhalation of harmful fumes, mists and particles released while spraying lacquer or paint. Because the spray mask has a low breathing resistance, the A1P2 mask feels comfortable even during long spray jobs.

How is this A1P2 respirator delivered?

This A1P2 respirator for your face comes complete with filters so you can immediately protect your breathing from organic vapors and substances. Order this half-face mask package and receive:

  • Half mask made of silicone rubber
  • 2x Carbon filter
  • 2x Dust filter
  • 2x Protective filter cap

Features CROP A1P2 Half Face Mask with filters

  • Professional half mask A1P2 with carbon filter and dust filter
  • Best spray mask for handling car paint, 2K lacquer, thinner paint and clear coat
  • Made of soft silicone rubber for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable straps for ideal fit on any face
  • Also suitable for spectacle wearers
  • Dust filter P2
  • Carbon filter A1
  • Protection class EN 14387
  • Please note, there are no loose filters to be ordered separately
Full product information

Pros and cons

  • Half-Mask made of soft silicone rubber for maximum comfort
  • A1P2 carbon filters with dust filters ensures best personal protection
  • Adjustable straps make the fit on every face ideal
  • Spray mask with low breathing resistance for hours of wearing pleasure
  • After this one, you won't want another protective mask


SKU 2767-4200
Class A1P2
Brand CROP
Packaging per piece
EAN 6095704332377
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Super comfortabel
Spray mask fits very well and feels very comfortable. You can adjust it well on your face. Very nice to work with.
Jorg Nelissen |
Translated from Dutch
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