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Oil Free Air Compressors

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Oil Free Air Compressors

When purchasing an air compressor, the first step is to assess your facility's needs. When the consequences of oil contamination are too high, an oil-free compressor is a must. However, the majority of industrial, manufacturing and small workshops utilize lubricated compressors. Oil in compressors lubricates, seals and cools the compressed air. When there is no immediate need for oil-free compressed air, the more economic way is to purchase an oil lubricated unit. Oil-free compressors carry a much greater cost. An oil free compressor produces cleaner/drier air, is lightweight, maintenance free, can be used in cold weather and is quieter.

Benefits of Oil Free Compressors

For certain industries such as hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies and semiconductor manufacturers the use of oil free air compressors has become an absolute must. Oil free air compressors enables you to provide the highest quality air. You can dramatically reduce your operation’s negative environmental effects. Oil free compressors can reduce operating costs by eliminating

  • High energy costs
  • Oil contamination and costly replacement of desiccant in regenerative air dryers
  • The cost of ruined products, damaged reputation and lost production
  • The cost to collect and dispose of oil laden condensate
  • The potential for compressed air pipeline fires caused by oil carry-over
  • The cost of replacing air/oil separator elements and downstream filtration

Oil-Free or Oiled Compressor?

The bottom line is to get the air compressor you need for the job you need to perform. Once you have figured out the size and type compressor, one last question remains, an oil lubricated or oil-free air compressor. Let's keep it simple, your choice should be based on the application and process that the compressed air will be utilized in. If you're a DIY contractor looking for a portable compressor, then an oil-free option may be desirable for its lighter weight and ability to use them in any orientation. For a commercial business looking for a compressor to power high pneumatic tools, you may opt for an oiled compressor. If you ever need help deciding, we're here to help!

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