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Silenced Air Compressors

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  1. CREEMERS SGC380/300K Compressor
    CREEMERS SGC450/200 Compressor
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Silenced Air Compressors

Silenced compressors are ideal for indoor use or other places where noise is undesirable. The health and safety legislation requires employers to prevent or reduce risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work. Noise levels are described where hearing protection is recommended and there are levels where ear protection is mandatory. Apart from the health and safety legislation, common sense indicates that you don’t want to be constantly exposed to high noise levels. Standard piston compressors generally have noise levels that require hearing protection. Creemers and Airmec have included a number of compressors in its range which are extremely quiet.

Silenced Compressors

Quiet air compressors have been designed to give a powerful performance but with a fraction of the noise. Offering a large air volume with the lowest possible noise level, silent air compressors are a perfect addition to any workshop. Both the pump and the motor on these compressors are enclosed in an acoustic chamber which helps reduce the noise level.

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