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Artificial Leather Cleaning Kit CP6775

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Artificial leather cleaning kit for repairing damaged leather and then sealing the leather!

Who does not know the seats in buses, trams, trains, but also in public places and fast food restaurants that defaced by vandals with markers. This not only creates a distorted appearance, but also provides a significant damage. Therefore, we have a special system designed to clean with felt pen daubed leatherette seats and then seal it to prevent the coating is dirty again soon. Also, the discoloration of artificial leather, which are caused by the dyes in jeans, can be removed well with this special cleaning kit


  • The thoroughly cleaning of leatherette
  • Removing the blue jeans on leatherette discolorations
  • Sealing leatherette after cleaning
  • The periodic sealing of leatherette

For cleaning upholstery velour we deliver the TORNADOR Gun. In addition to repairs on (artificial) leather upholstery the leather & vinyl are available. To bring it back to colour, you can choose from a wide range of paint repair kits.

The complete cleaning set consists of the following components:

  • 1 litre Synthetic Leather Cleaner
  • 40ml decolourisation pen
  • 1 litre GLD Remover
  • 1 litre Top Coat MCD Sealer
  • Set of 150 Wet Wipes Sealing, Tissues
  • 2x Microfiber Cloth
  • 2x Super Soft Polishing Cloth
  • Manual
  • Luxury case

Also, all products are available separately!


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