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Safety Products

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Safety Solutions

On this page you will find products that contribute to a safe working environment. These safety products increase safety on the work floor and prevent dangerous situations. Think of Anti-Slip products that can be applied to slippery floors and stairs, first aid kits and electric fly swatters. These products meet all safety requirements.

Anti-Slip Solutions

Every year, thousands of people are injured by slipping or tripping. Most of the accidents could be prevent by using Anti-Slip products. There are many solutions on the market, but they often do not have very long lifespan. Rust-Oleum offers an alternative with the SuperGrip assortment: ready-to-use long-lasting Anti-Slip products that can be installed quickly and easily on all types of surfaces, even damaged or worn surfaces. The tailor-made Anti-Slip products can be installed immediately with the help of adhesive mastic and screws onto metal, concrete, brick and wood. Rust-Oleum has a complete range of safety products

  • Anti-Slip Step Covers
  • Anti-Slip Landing Covers
  • Anti-Slip Step Edges
  • Anti-Slip Sheetings
  • Permanent Linemarking
  • Decking Strips
  • Anti-Slip Access Ramps

IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

A first aid kit is a collection of first aid items you would need in case of an accident that requires basic medical treatment. As part of the health and safety regulations, it is a requirement for employers to provide a 1st aid kit within a place of work. A comprehensive HSE compliant range is available to ensure that you meet the required regulations, including travel and sports first aid kits.

Insect Killers

When the insects show up again you want one thing: to get rid of them as soon as possible. Whether that is inside or outsider, around the house or in a warehouse, at home or at the camping: we have a suitable insect killer for each situation. Most of the insect killers work by attracting the insects with UV light. The insects then fly into a high voltage grid or into a glue trap, so you will be no longer bothered by the bugs.

Overshoe Cover

Slip resistant overshoe cover with a print slip resistant sole, elastic at ankle.

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