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Insect Killers

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Insect Killers

When the insects show up again you want one thing: to get rid of them as soon as possible. Whether that is inside or outsider, around the house or in a warehouse, at home or at the camping: we have a suitable insect killer for each situation. Most of the insect killers work by attracting the insects with UV light. The insects then fly into a high voltage grid or into a glue trap, so you will be no longer bothered by the bugs.

Fly Away Racket

Eurom Fly Away Racket is a compact electrical fly swatter. With one push of the button the racket will be under tension and electrocute every fly that is touched with it. With only 4 milimeters between de wires you will hit practically any fly. This way you can relax without insects in no-time.

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