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Anti-Slip Solutions

Every year, thousands of people are injured by slipping or tripping. Most of the accidents could be prevent by using Anti-Slip products. There are many solutions on the market, but they often do not have very long lifespan. Rust-Oleum offers an alternative with the SuperGrip assortment: ready-to-use long-lasting Anti-Slip products that can be installed quickly and easily on all types of surfaces, even damaged or worn surfaces. The tailor-made Anti-Slip products can be installed immediately with the help of adhesive mastic and screws onto metal, concrete, brick and wood. Rust-Oleum has a complete range of safety products

  • Anti-Slip Step Covers
  • Anti-Slip Landing Covers
  • Anti-Slip Step Edges
  • Anti-Slip Sheetings
  • Permanent Linemarking
  • Decking Strips
  • Anti-Slip Access Ramps

Supergrip Anti-Slip Spray

This topcoat makes every surface Non-skid in a second. SuperGrip Anti-Slip sprays are based on a fast drying acrylic modified short oil alkyd. The coloured products are based on lead- and chromate free pigments and contain a special anti-slip additive. Should be applied on metal, concrete, ceramic and wood surfaces or properly prepared painted substrates.

  • Light duty anti-slip finish
  • Adheres to metal, wood, concrete, tile floors and parquet
  • Also ideal for tools
  • Very quick drying (5-10 minutes)

Supergrip Step Covers

Heavy duty preformed anti-slip step cover provides a corrosion resistant surface for damaged, worn or slippery steps.

  • We cut it to the size you need
  • Easy to fix with glue and screws
  • Provides a corrosion resistant surface for damaged, worn or slippery steps
  • Most durable material on the market

HPX Safety Grip

HPX Safety grip provides anti-slip protection on smooth surfaces. Suitable for both industrial applications and home use. High adhesion, resitant to oil and water.

Snow Mats

Snow mats for vehicles provide extra traction in snow, mud and sand. Simply lay the mats on the ground and adjust the angles to the road. Foldable, easy storage and reusable.

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