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Work Gloves

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Work Gloves

Work gloves are worn to cover and protect hands and wrists from potential hazards in domestic, work site and commercial environments. Constructed from various materials and embedded with protective qualities, safety gloves are designed to prevent serious injuries such as cuts, splinters and burns. Also used to provide general comfort and cushioning when handling rough or heavy materials, gloves enhance grip on hand held equipment to ensure smooth control and operation.

PU Coated Gloves

PU coated gloves are ultra-light and comfortable. Universal use for mechanical jobs, assembly, preparation and spraying.

  • Open nylon structure (outside)
  • PU coating on a nylon carrier (inside)
  • Excellent finger sensitivity
  • Colourfast
  • Prevents sweaty hands

Microfoam Nitrile Gloves

Microfoam nitrile gloves are reusable gloves specifically designed for assembly work. Strong and comfortable hand protection thanks to nitrile foam coated gloves. 360° breathable thus never have sweaty hands.

Colad Preparation Gloves

Perfect gloves for assembly, disassembly and preparation. When it comes to preparation, Colad Polyester Preparation Gloves are a must-have. They provide excellent protection against cuts and scratches during assembly, disassembly, preparation and light sanding jobs. The Work Gloves are PU coated for extra grip during your job and the durable, breathable polyester material makes the gloves comfortable to wear.

  • Tight fit with elastic wrist bands
  • PU coated for extra grip
  • Protect against cuts and scratches
  • Breathable capacities for ventilation

Painters Gloves

When painting, you'll want gloves which protect the hands from spills and splashes whilst being flexible and grippy enough to allow dexterity, control and a suitable range of movement. Both reusable and disposable solutions are available.

Winter Work Gloves

Cold weather work gloves are ideal for ensuring that you can work outside in cold conditions without suffering pain or discomfort. Our winter work gloves are suitable for sub-zero temperatures and these insulated work gloves allow you to perform your duties with a minimum of disruption.

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