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Full Face Respirators

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  1. DeVilbiss PRO-VISOR Volgelaatsmasker
    DEVILBISS Pro-Visor Full Face Mask PROV-650
    €550.25 €454.75
  2. 3M 06941 Verfspuitmasker wegwerp FFA1P2D
    3M 7907S Full Face Respirator (without filter)
    €243.98 €201.64 Retail price €324.46
  3. SUNDSTRÖM SR900 Half Mask Respirator
    3M Full Face Respirator 6000 serie (without filter)
    €118.73 €98.12 Retail price €157.69
  4. DeVilbiss PRO-VISOR Volgelaatsmasker
    SUNDSTRÖM SR570 Full Face Mask + SR500 Battery Blow Unit
    €1,438.69 €1,189.00 Retail price €1,806.53
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Full Face Masks

Full face respirators protect the entire face during a wide variety of activities. Our professional full face masks meet strict requirements and have a high wearing comfort. As the name suggests, the protective mask covers the entire face including forehead, eyes, mouth and chin. Therefore, the protective mask covers the entire face. Full-face masks are equipped with a bayonet connection and the most commonly used filters are A2P2 and A2P3.

Silicone Full Face Mask

For lightweight breathing protection that’s simple to use and comfortable, order 3M Reusable Full Face Mask 6000 Series. They feature a large polycarbonate lens that’s impact resistant to EN166:B, and gives you good visibility and a wide field of view. Our full-face masks are made from a soft silicone facepiece that makes them comfortable to wear, and the four-strap suspension means they’re easy to put on and take off as you move between safe and contaminated areas. They protect you against gases, vapours and particulates, and are designed with the 3M Bayonet Connection System so you can connect to a broad range of twin, lightweight filters, depending on your individual needs. The 3M Cool Flow Valve helps reduce heat and moisture build-up and provides less restriction to your breathing. They’re available in three sizes. The 6000 Series has a specially designed range of spares and accessories to help you maintain the right level of comfort and protection should parts become worn or damaged.

Thermoplastic Rubber Reusable Full Face Mask

Full face masks made of thermoplastic rubber are cheaper in price than silicone masks. A thermoplastic rubber full face mask can be worn by people without allergies. In addition, a rubber full face mask has a lower wearing comfort and the face is more likely to sweat than with a silicone mask. Designed to avoid fogging on the visor through the control of the cold and hot air flows inside the mask, instead of treatments which can easily be spoiled with use.

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