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Spray Paint Respirators

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Stop Toxic Paint Fumes

A respirator mask is an essential accessory in a painter’s kit. This protective equipment can stop toxic paint fumes and keep you safe, especially when using solvent-based products and diluents. There are many things to consider before buying the right product for the job. You’ll need to consider the design, type of filter, materials and more.

Reuseable Respirators

Reusable filter masks with twin inhalation valves and large filters to help reduce breathing resistance while DIY painting or sanding. It features a bayonet filter fixing system, allowing particulate filters, gas and vapour cartridges or combination cartridges to click simply and efficiently into place. For enhanced breathability when spray painting, brush and roller painting, or orbital and manual sanding. Our lightweight, reusable filter masks are designed to provide A2 protection against solvent based paint, adhesive and cleaning detergents, and P2 protection against medium level fine dusts and oil or water based mists. 

Half Mask Respirator

Our half mask respirator has a textured face seal that’s soft, non-allergenic and silicone free, and provides FFA1P2 R D and FFA2P3R D protection against a range of organic gases and vapours, and combination particulate hazards. Typical applications include spraying non-isocyanate-based paints and certain adhesives, coatings and sealers. It can also provide breathing protection against solvent vapours while degreasing or mixing in environments without proper ventilation. The lightweight, well-balanced design features a centrally-positioned exhalation valve that helps reduce heat and moisture build up, helping you to stay comfortable in hot and humid conditions.

Full Face Mask

A full face mask is a soft facepiece that is comfortable to wear. Full face respirators protect you against gases, vapours and particulates. The cool flow valve helps reduce heat and moisture build-up and provides less restriction to your breathing. They’re available in three sizes. Can be used in hazardous industrial environments.

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