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Face Protection

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Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is the personal protective equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks. PPE can include products such as nitril gloves, eye protection, ear plugs, ear defenders and respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection must be right for you and your situation. For safety, productivity and comfort, it must reduce noise by the right amount, not too little not too much. We can provide solutions for different individuals and applications with a wide range of earplugs and earmuffs.


Made of proprietary thermal-reactive foam, as the foam warms to the body temperature, it becomes softer and shapes to the individual's ear canal. This 'shaping' allows the earplugs to form an excellent seal against noise, and as time goes on, the foam continues to soften for added comfort.

Eye Protection

3M safety glasses and goggles provide protection from a number of workplace hazards and are available with a selection of coatings, lens types and accessories. Many have adjustable features and soft materials to improve fit and comfort and to accommodate different face sizes and shapes. All products are approved to EN166 and are CE marked.

Safety Glasses

Safety Eyewear is a form of PPE designed to protect or enclose the area surrounding the eye so that particulates, liquids or chemicals are prevented from harming the eye. 

Respiratory Protective Equipment

CROP offers you the widest range of disposable respirators, reusable respirators and powered air respirators and supplied air respirators for the widest range of industrial and other applications, with unequalled pedigree, gained in the toughest conditions.


Respirators are used as protective masks to prevent particulate exposures when

  • Grinding
  • Sanding
  • Welding
  • Buffing
  • Paint overspray
  • Priming overspray
  • Undercoating overspray
  • Rustproofing overspray

Spray masks have a perfect fit and can be adjusted by means of adjustable straps. Spray masks can be purchased with P2 and P3 filters.